Top 10 tips on how to lose weight after pregnancy

When a newborn baby comes into your life, your first priority is getting into a new routine and learning to live with a lot less sleep! But, once you have settled into a routine, it might be time to start thinking about getting back into shape. It has to be a gentle process to start with, you need to give your body time to recover before you launch fully into a new fitness regime, but here are ten ways that you can start the process of regaining your pre-baby body:

1. You don’t need to wait six weeks

Opinions on the six week recovery period before any strenuous exercise are still divided, but you should certainly not overdo exercise in the first six weeks, as your muscles will need time to repair. The best advice is to listen to your own body and take gentle exercise to begin with. Women who do begin gentle exercising in the first six weeks after birth have been found to feel much better about themselves and adjust better to their new role as a parent too.

2. Start moving and taking walks

Another good tip on how to lose weight after pregnancy is to start moving. As tired as you may be, it’s best to be moving around as soon as possible. If you’ve had a C section, then it is advisable not to push a buggy for the first four weeks, but if you gave a vaginal birth, you can start taking walks with your baby after a few days. Taking a stroll at a reasonable pace will be the start of getting you back into shape and it will also do you good just getting out for a while.

3. Tummy exercises

Tummy exercises can also help you on how to lose weight after pregnancy. During pregnancy a gap in the abdominal muscles can occur, which is called diastasis recti and this can take a month or two to heal. Make sure that your tummy is strong enough before trying any strenuous tummy exercises and check with your doctor first. A gentle exercise that you can do in the meantime is a form of modified crunches. Lying flat on your back with your knees bent, slowly extend one leg along the floor and then, bring it back to the bent knee position. Then repeat with the other leg.

4. Breastfeeding

Another good things that can help you on how to lose weight after pregnancy is breastfeeding. When you breastfeed, you do burn around 700 calories a day, so it does help you lose some weight, but it is not the magic cure that means you can eat as much as you like, as long as you are still breastfeeding. Also, to debunk one myth, it is absolutely untrue that working out while breastfeeding will turn your milk sour.

5. Pushups

Another great tip on how to lose weight after pregnancy is to do pushups. Pushups are a good idea in these early stages and they are easy to do at home. Start off slowly, as your strength allows, and they will strengthen and tone your upper body, ready for all that carrying when the baby starts to get a bit heavier.

6. Keep up the Kegels

The Kegel exercises that were so useful preparing your pelvic floor for the delivery will now be useful to help those muscles recover from the birth. So, as soon as you feel ready, take up the Kegel habit again.

7. Be careful with sugar

Being careful with sugar is another good tip on how to lose weight after pregnancy. You do need extra calories when you are nursing, but don’t think that it means you can eat whatever you like! Be careful not to binge on too many sugary treats or you will put on weight around the tummy, and this can even slow down the healing process of your abdominal muscles.

8. Plenty of protein

Boosting your protein intake can also help you on how to lose weight after pregnancy. Eating high protein foods will both improve the quality of your breast milk and help your muscles to repair and grow. Eat plenty of eggs, lean meat, fish and full fat dairy products to boost your protein intake.

9. Mother and baby swimming lessons

Many local swimming pools offer mother and baby swimming sessions. They provide a gentle and supported way for you to get some exercise and provide some fantastic and fun time with your new baby. They’re also a way to meet other new mothers and make new friends, so make sure to take advantage of it.

10. Less is more

Post pregnancy exercising is definitely a case of less is more. If you push yourself too hard too soon, you will find yourself mentally and physically drained and so, getting back into shape will take even longer. You need to give your body time to recover and, more importantly, you need some time to enjoy your beautiful new family member.

How to lose weight after pregnancy? Do you have some other tips that work? 

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