One simple habit that will help you stay lean and beautiful

One can hardly imagine a person that would say: ‘I love winter!’. Heavy gray sky, cold rain, wet snow, lack of sun and long winter nights…However, is it a good enough reason to get depressed or bored? Are you ready for some fun, ladies? Join me in my effort to get leaner and nicer body for the spring. This won’t require a lot of effort. Just one simple daily habit is enough…

You all know a wonderful herb – parsley. We use it a lot in cooking. Some even plant it in the garden or in a pot on the windowsill to have it fresh the whole year round.

Luckily, parsley does not only give a nice flavor to our dishes or a sparkling of color to our plate. It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals and has the immune-enhancing effect, which was known even in the Ancient Greece.

My simple magic habit suggestion is drinking parsley tea every morning.

These are the reasons why I am telling you this:

  1. Parsley contains vitamins A and C, which are known as powerful antioxidants. These elements help keep your immune system strong, fight inflammation and balance the nervous system. Vitamin C is not only good for nourishing and rejuvenating the skin, it also reduces scares and blemishes, it stimulates the production of collagen that is crucial for the cell repair and reproduction. Enhance the effect of parsley for your skin with an ice cube made out of the same parsley tea that you drink; just apply parsley ice cubes to your face in the morning to freshen your face (feel free to read the article on how to get glowing skin with ice cubes here). Your skin will look fresh and simply magnificent!
  2. Parsley is rich in folic acid that promotes a good cell turnover and thus, it’s even used for cancer prevention. This acid protects blood vessels and controls blood pressure and, this way, it serves as prophylaxis for cardiovascular health. Folic acid is also recommended for women who prepare for pregnancy to give birth to healthy children.
  3. Using parsley regularly helps tune the work of kidney, lever and bladder and flush out excess fluid and toxins. More than this, parsley tea relaxes stiff muscles and harmonizes digestion. After having cleansed your body and regulated the work of the colon, staying lean becomes so much easier!

Here is how I am taking my parsley tea:

First thing that I do in the morning, when I get up, I put water to boil. I take out parsley that I buy in bulk and store it in the fridge. After having washed 5-6 sticks, I put them to a big cup and pour the boiled water over. I cover the cup with a small plate and start my morning routine. In 15-20 minutes, I come back to the kitchen, take away the parsley from the cup and drink the infusion. It has a very mild spicy taste and a wonderful smell!

I continue my morning routine and come back to the kitchen in half an hour again to prepare my breakfast.
I am going to drink parsley tea every morning during 10 days. There is no harm in drinking it even longer, you just will see how you feel. I have chosen morning for taking parsley tea, because of its ability to flush out salt and toxins out of the body. Even if I overate a little or overdone it with drinks a bit the evening before, parsley infusion helps me reduce puffiness and helps me look fresh the next day.

What you should bear in mind before starting drinking the parsley tea:

There is no need to stop using parsley in cooking during parsley tea treatment. In this regard, the more the better is the right approach. However, due to the effects, I described above, don’t drink parsley tea, if you have existing kidney or gallbladder problems. It is also not recommended to drink parsley tea for pregnant women, because it has a period inducing effect. Off course, parsley will not be able to harm a healthy pregnancy, but it’s better to take care, right?! On the other hand, the good news for all other women – parsley tea will help you control your period the natural way. Two – three cups of this magical infusion a day will induce your period, if necessary.

Extra bonus of parsley tea:
Enjoy parsley’s legendary ability to freshen your breath!

Thank you, ladies, for reading; stay lean, beautiful and happy! I very much look forward receiving your pictures before and after the parsley tea cure!

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