How To Reduce Chubby Cheeks?

We’d all like our faces to be a little bit more beautiful, but there always seems to be something going wrong. If we’re not fighting acne, we’re struggling with a double chin. If we’re not struggling with a double chin, we’re trying to eliminate dark circles under our eyes. And if we’re not doing that, we’re having to deal with chubby cheeks.

Chubby cheeks are really disheartening and they can reduce our self-confidence to nil. Chubby cheeks make us look older and bulkier than we actually are. But just like with all the other skin woes, there are ways to reduce chubby cheeks in just a few days. Here are our top tips!

Blow A Few Balloons!

Kids are always blowing balloons at parties, but maybe it’s time that you as an adult started joining in the fun. This is because when you blow balloons, you are toning and slimming down your cheeks.

All you need to do is buy a few balloons and fill them with air. The more you blow, the more you will feel the muscles in your cheeks expanding. All you need to do is blow balloons for a few minutes each day to see the results after about a week or so.

Or you could just head to a party and blow a few balloons!

Chin Lifts

This is another one of great tips on how to reduce chubby cheeks. The chin lift exercise is one of my personal favourites. Although you’re lifting your chin, you’re also trimming excess fat stored in other areas of your face – including your cheeks. A chin lift also stretches your facial muscles too, which improves elasticity and aids longevity.

You can perform chin lifts either standing or sitting. To start, you need to tilt your head up to the ceiling, with your eyes focused on it. Make your lips really tight, as though you’re preparing to kiss someone, and hold for about ten seconds. Repeat 10 times each day.

Give Yourself A Facial Steam

Facial steams have lots of benefits, and one of them is that they can reduce your chubby cheeks. This is because facial steam makes you sweat, which in turn fights excess fat tucked away in your facial areas – such as your cheeks.

To begin, simply boil some water before allowing to cool off a bit. Then take a tip and dip it into the bowl of water and squeeze so that it doesn’t absorb too much water. Then, ever so carefully, dab fatty areas of your face with the towel. I’d say that you should repeat this process for around ten times each day an hour before bed.

Chew Gum

Next tip on how to reduce chubby cheeks is to chew a gum. I must admit that I don’t like the sound of people chewing gum near me, especially if I’m on the metro or at work. It sounds obnoxious and it’s really unpleasant!

But chewing gum can have some health benefits, and this little facial exercise (which is probably the easiest exercise you will ever have to do!) is actually highly beneficial. Basically, the more you choose, the more you burn calories in your cheeks.

Chewing for around 20 minutes a day is enough to see results after about a week. You will melt fat cells in your cheeks, leaving your face looking noticeably more toned.

Fish Face

The fish face is a really easy facial exercise that you can carry out at any time of the day, wherever you are. You can do it while watching TV, listening to music, showering, or even when you’re waiting for a bus (as long as you’re alone!).

All you need to do is suck in your lips and cheeks before trying to smile. It’s difficult, but you’ll get there. Then, simply hold this posture for around 6 seconds or until you eventually feel a burning sensation in your cheeks.

Rotate Your Tongue

Next tip on how to reduce chubby cheeks is to rotate your tongue, which might sound like a strange thing to do, but the rotating tongue exercise is actually a popular facial workout that is simple, but incredibly effective at eliminating excess facial fat.

All you need to do is close your mouth before rotating your tongue in a circular motion. As you rotate, you need to touch the outer surface of your teeth with your tongue.

I recommend that you do this about 10-15 times in both a clockwise and an anticlockwise direction each morning.

Avoid Alcohol

One of the most important tips on how to reduce chubby cheeks is to avoid alcohol. If you feel as though you’ve been drinking a little bit too much recently, alcohol could be the reason for your chubby cheeks. Alcohol dehydrates us, and it can make us look bloated and different.

For this reason, try avoiding as much alcohol as you can for a few weeks and see what happens. If possible, try avoiding it altogether. The results could be wonderful.

Massage Your Face

If you’re looking to reduce chubby cheeks and tone your face, there are few methods that are more effective than a good old face massage. The good thing about a face massage is that you don’t need to ask or pay someone else to do it for you – you can do it yourself!

Because excess fluid buildup can cause fatty deposits to stuck themselves away in your cheeks, a regular face massage with oil promotes regular blood circulation. It also eradicates water retention.

Lower Your Salt Intake

Another good tip on how to reduce chubby cheeks is to lower your salt intake. Although salt itself doesn’t make us fat, it does increase water retention. And water retention on your face can easily lead to chubby cheeks.

It’s all about moderation. You can have some salt, but not too much.

You might protest that you don’t add all that much salt to your food, but salt can be found in pre-processed meals, as well as all the junk foods, including pizza and burgers.

Healthy eating habits

It sounds simple, right? Sometimes – not always – chubby cheeks are a direct result of overall weight gain. So, if you find that you’ve been putting weight on around your body and not just on your face, you might want to reconsider your diet. Rather than simply indulge in facial exercise that target your cheeks, find a diet that allows you to lose weight all over your body – including your cheeks.

How to reduce chubby cheeks? What are your best tips?

Stay happy and healthy!

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