10 How To Lose Weight When You Have No Time

We see it all the time:

“I’d have that kind of money if I had the time.”

“I’d have amazing skin if I had the time, too.”

“I’d be travelling the world if I had the time. You’re so lucky.”

“I’d have lost more weight if I had the time. But I don’t. So I’m still fat.”

Is a lack of time real, or is it an excuse? It’s a bit of both, but it’s mostly an excuse. Most people who say they don’t have the time to change their lives are usually making excuses. A few minutes later you might catch them curled up on the sofa watching Netflix with gin! Of course, we’re not saying you don’t get busy. Perhaps you have kids, a job and lots of other stuff going on in your life. But so does everyone else, and if they can make time to achieve their goals, so can you. The truth is that we all have time to do the things we really want to do. If you were serious about losing weight, you’d make the time to do so. Sometimes, however, we need someone to come along and make us realise how much time we actually have on our hands, as well as how we can use it much more wisely. Today that friendly someone is Beauty and Tips! Let’s take a look at 10 tips on how to lose weight when you have no time at all.

Skip The Dessert

Right off the bat, here is a super easy way to lose weight while actually saving yourself some time – say No to cakes!

Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is your most important meal of the day. A hearty, nutritious breakfast gets your metabolism moving, and provides you with enough energy to keep going until midday. As paradoxal as it might sound it’s one of great tips on how to lose weight when you have no time.

Don’t Take An All Or Nothing Approach

Taking an all or nothing approach to losing weight can be disastrous because you miss the numerous little opportunities throughout your day to get healthier. A lot of us think that losing weight is a case of doing the big stuff – getting on the treadmill, cutting out sugar, adding lots of fresh fruit and veg to our diet, cycling and so on. While all this works and can reap big rewards, the tiny changes to your daily habits can help, too. It’s called the compound effect. While taking the stairs up two flights instead of the elevator won’t produce any noticeable results for a few weeks or months, if you do this consistently the compound effect will eventually kick in and you’ll start to see results. As Aristotle said, we are what we do repeatedly. If your habits are good, your life will change for the better. If you start making healthier choices all day long, you will eventually – it will take some time – see the results. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. Instead of driving four blocks to the store, take a stroll. Instead of sitting for Skype calls, use the time to lift dumbbells. Neat little hacks like this can reap big rewards over the long term. Out of little acorns, tall trees grow.

Eat From Smaller Plates

Think you need lots of time on your hands to meet your weight loss goals? As it turns out, all you really need is some smaller plates. Yup, the big plate you eat your dinner off? It doesn’t need to be so big. In fact, larger plates were introduced to America in the 1960s to encourage people to spend more on food. There’s certainly no science behind why our plates are so big. If there was, why do the Japanese eat from such smaller plates? Try eating from a smaller plate. You’ll feel just as full, honest.

Invest In A Standing-Up Desk

Did you know that you can now stand while you work at your computer, as opposed to sit? Yup, people are already investing in standing-up desks. You don’t need to stand all the time, but for simple tasks like replying to emails, you could hop on the treadmill while you type out your responses, it’s one of good tips on how to lose weight when you have no time.

Make A Weekly Meal Plan

We hear you: “But won’t it take me a lot of time to make a weekly meal plan? Isn’t this kinda counterintuitive?” Actually – no. Your first meal plan might take a while to create, but after that you can use a slightly tweaked version each week. A meal plan will ensure you eat healthily each day without resorting to junk food, and it means you won’t need to spend ages trying to decide what to eat.

Eat More Protein

Are you eating enough protein? Or could you be eating more? Protein is a great way to start your day. It fires up your metabolism, refuels you, and helps to keep you feeling full for longer, thus ensuring you don’t overeat. For meat eaters, try more lean meats, for vegetarians, try more eggs, and for vegans, try quinoa and nuts.

Sleep More

A lack of sleep can slow down your metabolism, as it relies on energy. So a good tip on how to lose weight when you have no time is to simply sleep more to get it firing on all cylinders.

Don’t Starve Yourself

Feeling hungry in the afternoon? You’re probably going to pass on snacking, aren’t you? After all, you’re trying to lose weight! However, skipping snacks and meals is actually counter-intuitive. The more you starve yourself, the more you’ll eat when meal time swings around. It’s much better to do as the Japanese do – eat little and often. And snack smartly. This means swapping the like of berries, fruits and nuts for candy bars.

Drink Smoothies

Smoothies are a great way to get a load of nutrients inside your body in a short space of time. If you don’t have the time to prepare them yourself, you can be them ready-made from the store. Yum!

Do you have other tips on how to lose weight when you have no time?

Stay happy and healthy!

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