10 Tips On How To Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

Maybe you’ve tried working out and found that it just isn’t for you, or perhaps you just don’t fancy trying it. You already know it isn’t for you. As such, you’re probably wondering whether it’s possible to lose weight fast without exercise.

Perhaps you did what I did and drunkenly typed in “HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST WITHOUT EXERCISE” into Google for a giggle. You probably didn’t expect it to return any other result than: “You serious? LOL”

But it turns out that it’s totally possible to lose weight without exercise – and fast.

Look, we’re all human beings here and sometimes we just don’t fancy hitting the treadmill like a beast. Sometimes, we just want to lose some weight the easier way. Here are 10 ways to do just that…

Eat Lots Of Protein

You don’t have to eat less food in order to cut your calorie intake (yay!). Protein, for example, requires around a quarter more energy to digest than carbohydrates.

What this basically means is your body works harder when it’s digesting a tuna steak than when it’s digesting a plate of veggies. Ergo, you burn more calories.

Moreover, when you eat more protein, your body produces more leptin, a handy hormone that helps to you feel fuller for longer.

Drink Lots Of Water

Another good tip on how to lose weight fast without exercise is to drink lots of water. You might not realise it, but many of us get most of our water content from our food – as opposed to glasses of water!

Yup, food is often water-dense. What this means is that when your body is craving water, it doesn’t send out signals that its thirsty; instead, it sends out signals that it’s hungry!

See, because it’s so used to getting its water fix from food, your body now has this annoying habit of pretending to be hungry when it’s actually just parched. So the next time you get hungry at a really weird and annoying time, try drinking a glass of water to see if it helps.

Eat Breakfast

Maybe you’ve been skipping breakfast for some time now because “skipping meals helps me to lose weight quicker.”

Sadly, this classic line just isn’t true. Skipping breakfast actually causes you to put more weight on because it means you’re going to work hungry. So what inevitably happens is that you head to the vending machine to stock up on sugary snacks that will keep you going.

Eating a wholesome, healthy breakfast is always the best way to start any day. Eat the right nutrients early in the day and you’ll be able to keep going until a respectable time without falling back on calorie-packed snacks.

Use Smaller Plates

Another useful tip on how to lose weight fast without exercise is to use smaller plates. Lots of us have BIG plates. I sure used to have huge plates that I’d always stuff with food, covering every inch.

And this is the problem: We are obsessed with filling up our plates so that “no food goes to waste.”

And this causes us to overeat and gain lots of weight.

So why not start using smaller plates? You can still fill the plate, but you won’t be eating quite as much!

Skip The Elevator

I used to be really bad for always getting the elevator instead of the stairs. Even if there were only two flights of stairs to walk up I’d ping for the lift and wait – even if it meant waiting forever.

These days, however, I invert my eyebrows whenever my friends press for an elevator when we’ve just got a few flights to climb.

And you should too, because climbing stairs is a fantastic way to shed a bit of poundage here and there.

Fidget As Much As Possible

“Stop fidgeting!” – my mom used to yell at me when I was a kid. Indeed, it’s become socially acceptable to fidget, and people equate it with rudeness.

But, actually, fidgeting is something you should do more of if you’re trying to lose weight because it can help you to burn a handful of calories throughout the day. And the more you fidget, the more calories you’ll burn over time. Every little helps!

You could even try other small, non-strenuous activities which require energy, such as dancing while you’re cooking a meal.

Carry Your Own Bags

Isn’t it great when your partner offers to carry your grocery bags for you? It’s even better when a complete stranger can see you’re in distress, walks over and takes hold of them.

But if you’re trying to lose weight, you really should carry your own groceries because these heavies are essentially your dumbbells.

The more you buy, the more weight you’ll be carrying. Which is great!

Go To Bed Earlier

Next tip on how to lose weight fast without exercise is to go to bed earlier. I used to be a real work junkie in my late twenties. I’d stay up burning the midnight oil until around 3am in the morning, cramming as much work in as possible just so I could make a bit more money.

I was later told that staying up late can put weight on. Why? Because we inevitably find ourselves snacking more. And it’s true, I did the whole cookies and milk thing at midnight – plus lots of other stuff!

By going to bed earlier, you’re not giving yourself a chance to gorge on junk throughout the night.

Don’t Just Wait – Do Something!

Ever turned up at a bus stop two minutes after the bus has just left? We all have. But instead of moaning that you’ve gotta stand around for another twenty minutes, why not go for a quick walk instead?

Similarly, if you’re waiting for a 30 minute computer update, instead of hanging around watching cat videos on YouTube, why not get up and do something?

Chew Thoroughly

Our final tip on how to lose weight fast without exercise is to chew your food thoroughly. How often do we eat out meals super-fast, as though we’re in a race to the finished line? Fast eating has become a common habit in the western world. We want to finish our food quickly so that we can get back to doing whatever it is we were doing before we sat down to eat.

But when you eat fast, you tend to eat the whole plate – even if you had already become full before the end.

When you chew slowly and thoroughly, you’re giving your stomach a better chance of telling your brain “woah! I’m full, man!” This means that you don’t necessarily always finish the plate.

How to lose weight fast without exercise? What are your best tips?

Stay happy and healthy!

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  1. Jessica
    April 2, 2016 at 7:46 pm

    Good tips! I usually get discouraged if I can’t see right away that what I’m doing is working to lose weight.

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