How To Lose Face Fat? 10 Tips

Okay, so you’ve been working out and dieting recently in a bid to lose weight. It’s gone pretty well, and you’ve lost a stone or two around your arms, stomach, legs and bum. But for some reason, you’ve still got facial fat. Oh no!

So how come your face just hasn’t got the message yet? Why is it stubbornly refusing to drop a few pounds? It sure is being pretty selfish and grumpy, letting your arms, stomach, legs and bum do all the hard work, while it continues to indulge itself.

The problem when it comes to losing weight is that there is often one stubborn problem area that requires extra work. One of the reasons you still have facial fat is because you have more fat cells in your face than anywhere else.

The good news is that there are a few ways to lose facial fat; 10 ways, in fact. So before you start yanking at your cheeks in a bid to rip the fat off, let’s take a look!

1. Cut Out The Face Bloaters

First tip on how to lose face fat is to cut out the face bloaters, which come in the form of sugar, alcohol and salt. What happens is that they cause your body’s facial tissues to retain water. For this reason, your face becomes all chubby and bloated. So to make sure that you slim down your lovely face, it’s time to cut down on those aforementioned face bloaters.

(though it’s best that you don’t use the phrase “face bloaters” in the company of your friends. You know, don’t say to your best friend, “pass the face bloater will you?”)

2. Drink Plenty of Water

Next tip on how to lose face fat is to drink plenty of water. Okay, so we just suggested that you need to reduce water retention by cutting out the face bloaters. But actually drinking water is not going to lead to increased water retention and a fat face.

Instead, drinking plenty of water will help your body – and face – flush out any nasty toxins that are leading to an increase of fat cells. The more water you drink, the trimmer you will look.

3. Check For Food Intolerance

If you have an undiagnosed food intolerance, such as irritable bowel syndrome, it could be the reason you’re experiencing a pair of chubby cheeks. Irritable bowel syndrome causes bloating, and it’s symptomatic of a fault in our digestive process. Irritable bowel syndrome can cause bloating in your face, and if you haven’t been diagnosed with it yet, it might be time to take a trip to your doctor.

4. Have Breakfast!

Another tip on how to lose face fat is to have a good breakfast. Many people avoid their first meal of the day, saying they have no time. But the absolute best way to start your day if you’re trying to cut some fat from your face is by eating breakfast. It will get your metabolism into day, making it work harder. Consequently, it will burn more calories, and fill you with more energy.

You don’t even need to go overboard with a breakfast. A bowl of oatmeal, or even pieces of fruit can be enough.

5. Treat Your Hormone Surges

It’s fairly common for women to experience facial fat during “that time of the month.” Just prior to our period, we experience a surge in hormones, and these hormones can sometimes lead to facial swelling. To remedy this particularly niggling reason for facial fat, your could talk to your gynecologist about things. They may be able to suggest a solution that will help you thin your face right out!

6. Cut Down On The Fat

Another good tip on how to lose face fat is to cut down on the fat-rich food intake. You might have been working out in a bid to lose weight, and indeed you may have shed a few pounds around your body. But the best way to lose those fat cells that are shaping your face is to cut down on your overall fat intake.

You basically need a diet that is much healthier, and which contains as few fats as possible. This means cooking your own meals and avoiding takeaways. Small changes help too, such as avoiding sodas or cutting out desserts from your meals (or replace them with sweet fruits). Moreover, you could also try not to eat before getting into bed.

7. Cut Down On Alcohol

How to lose face fat? Cut down on alcohol. We’re not saying that you should cut out alcohol altogether, but you certainly could do a whole lot worse than cut down on your alcohol intake. Whether it’s beer or wine, alcohol dehydrates you, with the consequence being that your face bloats. Not cool.

If you’ve got the willpower for it, then certainly avoid it altogether.

8. Carry Out Face Exercises

Another tip on how to lose face fat is to try facial exercises. Yup, you may not have realised it but face exercises do exist. They’re also a lot less exhausting than full-body exercises, although they can ache your jaw a little! There are numerous ones out there, though our top tip is that each day you sit up straight, before dropping your lower jaw. Then, extend it outwards as far as possible before holding it there for 10 seconds. Then, slowly draw it inwards.

9. Stop Smoking

Smoking is a vice like alcohol. It can affect your heart and lungs, and it can even lead to cancer. But did you know that it also affects your face and can lead to chubbiness? Smoking can cause those fine lines on your face, and it can also make it sag and look round. So our next tip on how to lose face fat is to simply quit smoking.

10. Frame Your Face With A Suitable Hairstyle

Okay this last one is a bit cheeky, and it doesn’t actually help you lose facial fat. But a suitable hairstyle that flatters your face is certainly a nice of way of making it look leaner and less round. If, for example, losing the fat cells in your face is taking longer than you really wanted and you’ve got a party coming up, getting a hairstyle that frames you face better is the way to go.

Fighting the face fat is not going to be easy, but if you follow some – or all – of these steps, you can be sure that you’ll be looking a lot trimmer in no time at all. Leaner, fitter and less round, you’ll be feeling happier than ever!

How to lose face fat? What are your tips?

Stay pretty!


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