How To Be Slim? 10 Basic Rules Slender Girls Live By

Want to be more slender than you are currently? It’s a good idea to model yourself off girls who already have the body you want. In this article, Beauty and Tips reveals the 10 basic rules that slender girls live by.

Not everyone has a burning desire to be super-slender. But most girls would surely be lying if they said they don’t want to be slim and trim. It’s the desired body shape for many of us, even if we know we may never achieve it. Lots of us suck when it comes to losing weight. We’ve tried everything! We’ve tried exercise (boo!), eating less (boo!) and some of us have even considered surgery (scary). But what if you knew the basic rules slender girls live by each day to stay so slim and trim? And what if you could follow their rules, too? It would be awesome!

Let’s take a look at the 10 basic rules slender girls live by or how to be slim the way they do.

They Snack Smartly

Slender girls snack just like you do. But perhaps the difference is that slender girls snack smartly. In other words, they snack on berries and nuts, as opposed to candies, crisps and donuts. They eat raisins and fruit, avoiding chocolate and soda. They snack the smart way, boosting their energy levels and avoiding weight gain.

They Don’t Diet

Another tip on how to be slim is to avoid dieting. Believe it or not, slender girls don’t diet. IKR! Why? Because they know that diets don’t work!

Think about it: Have you ever dieted? And how did that go? Did it work, or not?

If you’re here right now, the chances are that it didn’t work. Most diets start well. We lose a bit of weight in the first week and get excited. But most diets don’t work in the long term. Just look at the Atkins Diet, perhaps the most famous diet of all time. Subscribers see great results in the first month or so … but then they find that they start putting all that weight back on!

So do what slender girls do and don’t even think about dieting. It just won’t do you any good.

They Take Responsibility

A lot of women who are trying to lose weight aren’t very good at taking responsibility. Instead, they let other people tell them what they can and can’t eat, as well as when they can and can’t eat.

“Oh, I can’t have a snack right now, this lady on the TV told me not to.”


Every body is different, and only YOU know your body well enough to know what work for you and what doesn’t work for you. It’s time for you to do what slender girls do – ignore outside advice and take some responsibility for your own body. You can totally do this.

They Drink Lots Of Water

Staying hydrated is another good tip on how to be slim. One of the most basic basic rules that slender girls live by is that they drink lots of water. This is just too easy for anyone to implement, including you. And you should implement it, because a lot of the time when we think we’re hungry, we actually just need water. Try it!

They Take An Early Dinner

SO many of us take a late dinner. Heck, most of us probably don’t get around to eating dinner until about 8PM. That’s really late, but for a lot of people it probably seems perfectly normal. After all, you don’t get home from work until 7PM, and then you’ve got to decide what to eat, take a shower, et cetera. However, the later you leave it, the more calories you’ll consume. Why? Because you’ll be hungrier! Slender people already know this, which is why they always try to take an early dinner.

Listen To What Your Body Is Telling You

Following on from the above tip, it’s important to actually listen to what your body and not your mind is telling you. Are you hungry enough to eat a meal right now? Is your next meal going to help you slim down, or will it have the opposite effect? What emotion will you feel after eating this? Will you feel happy or guilty and annoyed with yourself? Do you need to eat this right this moment or you can you wait?

They Reward Themselves

Next tip on how to be slim is to get rewards. Contrary to accepted belief, slender people don’t spend every minute of every day eating boring food. And they don’t always snack on celery sticks and enjoy a few blueberries, while watching the Super Bowl. Slender people cheat too. Importantly, though, many of them give themselves rewards after a long week of sticking to a disciplined, well-balanced diet. This encourages them to eat healthily for the most part. They know that if they can get through the week on a good diet, they’ll be rewarded at the weekend with a juicy burger. Such a reward system makes it taste SO much better, too.

They Eat Breakfast

We know what you’re thinking: “Say WHAT?! Slender girls eat breakfast and are still slender. Yet I skip breakfast!”


But you know why this is? Because breakfast kickstarts your metabolism into life. It also stops you from raiding the vending machine as soon as you get to work for candy.

Slender girls eat a nutritious, protein-based breakfast that jump-starts their metabolism and gives them enough energy to keep going until lunch. And it’s great for staying trim.

They Eat Proper Food

This is one of good tips not only on how to be slim, but also on how to be healthy and energised. What we mean by this is that slender girls don’t eat packaged, processed food that’s got a million ingredients listed on the label (half of which no one can pronounce). Instead, they eat fresh fruit and vegetables. They eat grains, nuts, beans. You know, REAL food that’s come straight from nature, and which your body needs if it’s to stay slim.

They Work Out

Okay, here is the one you were probably hoping not to see. But, yes, slender girls try to work out every single day. They know that a good diet can only do so much – it’s only one part of the puzzle. To stay in shape, they know they must spend at least 20 minutes exercising.

Again, we are all different and not everyone has that burning desire to be slim or super-slender, but these tips can be useful for those who simply like staying in a good, comfortable shape and love healthy eating.

Do you have other tips on how to be slim?

Stay happy!

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