20 Tips On How To Burn 100 Calories

Just the phrase “burning calories” makes losing weight sound easy. After all, you’re burning them off!

The problem is that losing weight is just not this easy, and burning those pesky calories is actually a lot more difficult than it sounds. At times, it feels less like you’re burning them and more like you’re trying to plead with them to leave your body!

The good news, though, is that trimming your waistline can be easier as long as you know what what to do. And the remarkable thing is that calorie burning exercises can be simple everyday chores that are staring you in the face. The problem is that these simple everyday chores are often things we prefer to get other people to do for us!

So if you’re looking to burn 100 calories quickly and restore a healthier, more glowing you, let’s take a look at 20 ways you can do this.

1. Walk As Much As Possible

The problem with owning a car is that it encourages us to just drive everywhere. Even if we only have to pop to the local general store for a loaf of bread, we still nip into the car simply because “it’s a little bit quicker.” By always relying on our car, we will struggle to shed the pounds.

Walking whenever you can will help you to burn calories. Climbing the stairs instead of hopping in an elevator is a fantastic way to lose weight. It’s important to remember that burning 100 calories by walking can be done quicker if you walk quicker.

2. Do Some Housework!

If you haven’t done any housework for a while, things might be getting a little bit messy. Now, doing housework sounds really boring and you’ve probably been putting it off for a long time. But if you’re looking to burn 100 calories, doing some housework is one of your best ways to do this.

To get you in the mood, why not stick some of your favourite music on too? Then you’re ready to go! Iron your clothes, dust and tidy your rooms, and scrub your floor to burn those excess calories and get yourself in better shape today. And if you feel like it too, you could even re-paint your room!

3. Do Some Gardening Too

Some of us aren’t as green-minded as others, and for this reason we either let our garden get out of control, or we hire a gardener. A gardener certainly saves us some time (particularly if we live a busy life at work), but gardening is actually a great way for you to burn 100 calories.

All you need to do is pace yourself and get out and about in the garden for around an hour. You could rake the lawn for fifteen minutes, cut the grass for another fifteen minutes, before pulling out weeds for another fifteen. Finally, you could finish off by sweeping up and collecting any stray pieces of garbage that have flown into your garden.

4. Wash Your Car

In 2015, people are busier than ever before. We love our cars, and we take great pride in them. But how many of us actually wash our own cars? Very few! We either take them to a car wash, or we give a couple of kids a few nickels to come and do it for us. We simply don’t have the time or the energy!

Washing your own car, though, is a fantastic way of burn 100 calories. You could literally spend up to 30 minutes scrubbing away at your automobile. To make sure you enjoy it a bit more, choose a sunny day and stick on your favourite tunes. Losing weight has never been such a gas!

5. Laugh!

Did you know that you can actually burn 100 calories just be laughing? It’s pretty darn amazing. Let’s try it:

Knock Knock.

Who’s There?


Iva Who?

I’ve a sore hand from knocking!!

Hmm, okay so that didn’t quite work. But it only takes around 40 minutes to burn 100 calories from laughing. We suggest that you stick on a comedy that you know will get you chuckling for a good hour or so.

6. Shovel The Snow

Okay, so this one can actually only be done in the winter time (unless you suffer from freak summer snow), but it’s still one to bear in mind if you need to lose 100 calories just after all that Christmas food you’ve stuffed down you!

All you need to do is shovel the snow for just fifteen minutes, and you can burn 100 calories easily. Don’t get us wrong, shovelling snow can be backbreaking work; but if you do it the right way and pace yourself, you’ll be just fine.

Afterwards, you could even treat yourself by building a snowman. Or you could just run back inside and get warm in front of the fire. Yup, that sounds better.

7. Go Shopping

Shopping! Who has the time to go shopping for groceries these days? We live such busy lives that we either do our weekly shop online, or we get someone else to go and do it for us.

But shopping is actually a great way to burn 100 calories. Just think of all the energy you have to use to push that increasingly weighty shopping trolley around the supermarket! The heavier your shopping trolley is – the better.

Don’t overdo it, of course and stock up on a tonne of cat litter. After all, this is shopping, not a bodybuilding contest. Geez.

8. Play Ping Pong

Anyone who has ever played ping pong will tell you what a fun game it is. The best thing about ping pong, though is that it’s a great calorie burner, and just a 25 minute game is enough to burn 113 calories.

So even if you spend 23 of those minutes blindly chasing a ball around and missing with every single swing, you’ll still be losing some weight! Silver linings and all that. Just try not to smash a window, K?

9. Cooking

It sounds ironic doesn’t it? You could actually burn 100 calories while you’re preparing your next calorie-loaded meal!

The truth is that cooking is an excellent way to shed a bit of weight. Just forty minutes of dicing, chopping, and cleaning up all the mess can be enough to help you lose 128 calories.

Cooking is also fun too, and you could spice the atmosphere up by playing your favourite songs in the background.

10. Play The Wii

The Nintendo Wii is an fun games console that can be played with friends, or which can even be played alone. And although it’s more fun to invite some friends over and have a Wii Night, the benefits from playing alone for just 20 minutes are fantastic for your waistline.

Indeed, just twenty minutes dancing around on the Wii can be enough time to help you burn more than 100 calories. The best thing is that, because it’s so fun, you’ll most likely be encouraged to play for longer. Win!

Unless you lose the game, of course.

11. Read A Book

It sounds amazing, doesn’t it? You could actually burn 100 calories by just sitting around and reading a book!

See, our brains get loaded with calories too. And it is these calories that contribute to a slow-functioning brain that ensures we lose our sharpness and our focus. This in turn contributes to a poor performance at work, and it means that we often feel tired and unfocused throughout the day.

To help your brain lose some excess calories, you could engage in an hours worth of reading each day.

12. Go Bowling

If you’ve ever watched a 1980’s bowling movie, you’ll have noticed that the bowlers were all pretty podgy and fairly unhealthy looking. These days, though, bowling is taken much more seriously as a competitive sport, and participants are working harder than ever to stay in shape.

And for you bowling represents a fantastic way to burn 100 calories. Just a half-hour cameo of rolling that big, heavy ball into the side gutters is enough to help you achieve your aim.

Maybe you’ll even get lucky and hit a strike. Or maybe not. Who knows!

13. Make Love

It’s true that fun beneath the sheets can be a fantastic way to burn up to 100 calories. If you and your partner make love three times a week, you can burn in excess of 7,500 calories a year. That’s basically the equivalent of jogging for 75 miles, which is great news for anyone who is averse to a morning run.

The thing with making love, though, is that you can burn even more calories each time you do it. It just depends how you do it, and for how long! Has losing weight ever been more fun? It certainly puts reading a book in the shade!

14. Stand On Your Head

Okay, so standing on your head is not exactly easy, but neither is it particularly difficult. Moreover, it doesn’t require a gym membership; indeed, all you need to do is do a bit of researching and you’re away.

Essentially one of the many fantastic yoga positions that can help you burn 100 calories, standing on your head just requires a bit of poise, control and discipline. The rewards are great, as your metabolic rate will be better regulated and you’ll notice the calories just sliding off you.

15. Chew Gum

At school, you may have been thrown out of class for chewing gum. But little did your teacher know that chewing gum actually has some remarkable health benefits – including calorie burning.

So even if we do continue to tell children to stop chewing, us adults should get smart and chew more often. You can burn 11 calories in 10 minutes by chewing regularly, which means that a few hours of chewing each week will see you trim your waistline the easy way.

16. Fix Your Car

Earlier, we recommended that you should get out there on a sunny day and wash your car.

Now it’s time to get out there on a miserable day and get your hands dirty by fixing your car.

It’s far too easy to call out the mechanic every time you hear a funny noise emanating from your boot; but it’s far more beneficial if you popped the hood yourself and took a look around.

Getting down and dirty with a few tools can see you burn up to 102 calories. It also saves you some dollars too.

17. Get On Your Bike

As a child, you probably loved getting out and about on your bike. It was your first ticket to freedom, and there was no better feeling than cruising around the streets and romping over the local dirt tracks.

But as we get older, we forget all about our fondness for childhood activities, such as biking. We either don’t have time, or we just assume it’s sadly something you have to grow out of. But not so when it comes to biking – and now is the time to get back on your bike and burn 100 calories in just fifteen minutes!

18. Play Pool

Stuck for what to do on date night? Can’t think of anything else except the usual, such as the cinema or another hefty meal?

How about shooting some pool?

Pool is a very active and social game that is fun and healthy. Just a thirty-five minute workout around the table is enough to help you burn 100 calories. And, like the Wii, pool is so fun that you’ll probably feel like staying on for longer.

19. Play Frisbee

A remarkably accessible, inexpensive and FUN game, frisbee is the perfect way to spend a  day at the beach when you’re on vacation.

But just incase you need an extra reason for having to cast your magazine aside and get up on your feet to throw a plastic disc at someone’s head, check this out: Just a thirty minute game is enough for you to burn 102 calories. Sound good? Then get to it!

10. Stand Whenever You Can

We’re conditioned to follow the crowd, and the crowd prefers to sit whenever they can.

Waiting for a bus? Time to to sit.

Waiting to see the dentist? Time to sit.

Enjoying a ball game? Yup, time to sit back and relax!

But standing up actually means we burn 33 more calories than we do if we sit down. So the next time you’re given a choice between standing and sitting, choose the healthier option.

Stay happy and healthy!

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    September 27, 2016 at 7:16 am

    Wonderful tips to burn some excess fat! I have started incorporating few of these things in my regimen. Thanks for the great suggestions 🙂

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