10 Effective things to do instead of counting calories

When you are trying to lose weight, you need to be burning your fat reserves to provide you with energy and that means that you need to cut down on the calories that you consume. But, does that really mean that you have to keep a note of every single calorie that you eat? A lot of people are now saying that you don’t need to count calories at all. If you want to shed pounds, but you don’t want to have to remember to count all your calories, here are ten weight loss tips that will help you do it.

1. Remember the first rule of weight loss

The basic rule of weight loss is to move more and eat less. Getting any more scientific about it than that is probably a waste of time. You can’t be exact about counting calories in food anyway, because food labelling is not always accurate, the calories in fresh food vary with the seasons, and different people absorb calories at different rates. Keep your weight loss programme simple and it will be a lot easier to follow.

2. Use smaller plates

This is another one of amazingly effective weight loss tips. It sounds so simple, but this is a really effective way to control how much you eat and you don’t need to get anywhere near a pocket calculator. When we serve our food onto a plate, we serve out enough to fill the plate. Get a smaller plate and you won’t be able to serve up as much food. When you have finished eating your meal, you will hardly notice the difference, because your brain will trick you by telling you have eaten a full plate of food.

3. Stop eating anything that does nothing for your health

A simple way to cut the calories without having to count them is to only eat things that you know are going to give some nutritional benefits, because healthy food and low calorie food are usually one and the same thing. Cut out soda, candy, processed food, and consume more smoothies, fruit, and fresh food instead. You will be getting all the nutrition that your body needs for far fewer calories.

4. Have eggs for breakfast

You could lose weight by simply changing what you eat for breakfast. Studies have shown that if you eat eggs for breakfast instead of grain based foods, like bagels or breakfast cereal, you will feel less hungry later on in the day. In one study, researchers found that people who ate eggs for breakfast lost 65% more weight than those who ate a grain based breakfast.

5. Get exercise where you can

Increasing your physical activity is important when you want to lose weight and you can do that in some very simple ways. As well as working out, you can look for ways to increase your physical activity every day. You could walk instead of taking a cab. Take the stairs rather than the elevator. Ride a bike to work rather than taking the car.

6. Eat more vegetables

Another one of great weight loss tips is to reduce your calories without even really trying by adding more vegetables to your plate at mealtimes. High fibre vegetables are wonderfully nutritious and they will keep you feeling full for a long time. Try just adding one extra portion of veg and that will leave less room on your plate for the more calorific foods.

7. Eat more protein

There is a lot of evidence that shows that protein reduces hunger and burns of fat. Protein is very satisfying and it will help stop you snacking later on. It also speeds up the metabolism, so you will burn off calories faster. Eating protein will help build up your muscles as well so, as you lose weight, you will start to look much leaner, and fitter as well.

8. Get plenty of quality sleep

Lack of sleep has been connected to obesity. It is estimated that not getting enough quality sleep can increase the risk of obesity by as much as 55% in adults and 89% in children. When you are tired, you will feel hungry and that will lead to you eating snacks when you don’t really need to. Try to get to bed a bit earlier and get a good seven to eight hours of sleep every night. It will help curb your appetite during the day.

9. Cut down on the crabs

Reducing the carbohydrates in your diet will help you lose weight, so cut down on sugar and starchy foods such as pasta, bread, and potatoes. In a study of 53 overweight women, the participants who placed on a low carb diet lost twice as much weight as those who followed a low fat, calorie controlled diet.

10. Use coconut oil instead of cooking oil

Coconut oil has some amazing properties when you use it for cooking your food. Swap your usual cooking oil for coconut oil and it will reduce your appetite and boost your metabolism. One study discovered that eating coconut oil helped to reduce daily calorie intake by 256 calories.

What are your favorite weight loss tips?

Stay happy and healthy!

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