10 Weight Loss Myths You Should Stop Believing

Losing weight is hard. But it gets even harder in a world where there is SO much misinformation out there. To make this a whole lot easier for you, Beauty and Tips takes a look at 10 weight loss myths you should stop believing.

It’s hard enough trying to lose weight without all these misconceptions that lead us down dead-ends and blind alleys. Because weight loss is such a profitable industry, it’s as though everyone now thinks they’re an expert. Unfortunately, losing weight is such a complex thing that reading one or two blog posts does NOT make someone an expert. If you were to believe everything people said, you would inevitably put more weight on than you lose. Let’s separate truth from lies with these 10 weight loss myths you should stop believing.

Weight loss myth 1: You Need To Skip Meals And Not Snack

Basically, you need to starve yourself. Is this true? Absolutely not! Crash diets are easy to get into because it makes sense that we’ll lose weight if we don’t eat, right? And if we stop snacking, we’ll definitely at least lose a few pounds. The thing is is that crash dieting is counter intuitive. If you skip meals, you’ll overeat when you do have a meal. Any weight that you might have lost will be gained back – with interest.

Weight loss myth 2: You Need To Adopt A Radical Workout Regime To Lose Weight

The biggest thing that sucks about losing weight is that we have to adopt a radical workout regime that leaves us exhausted and almost dead. It makes us want to give up! The thing is, you don’t have to adopt a radical work out regime to lose weight. It’s a total myth, yay!! In fact, quite the opposite is true. Sure, you will need to exercise in order to successfully lose weight, but you only need to make small changes. Phew!nA lot of the time, it just means finding clever ways of getting more physical activity into your week. For example, you could walk to the grocery store 5 blocks away instead of getting in the car, or you could start taking the stairs instead of the elevator. The key to losing weight is burring more calories than you’re consuming. To do this, you need to get smart about how you get your body moving.

Weight loss myth 3: Drinking Water Is What It’s All About

Drinking water can certainly help you lose weight. However, it’s just a small part of the bigger picture.

Weight loss myth 4: Egg Yolk Is A Big No-No

Do you throw out the egg yolk because it will make you fat? Sure, egg does contain fat. But it also contains protein that helps to build muscle so that you can burn more calories. Moreover, your body needs fat. Still eat egg yolk, but do so in moderation. Exercise some restraint!

Weight loss myth 5: All Weight Loss Pills Are Dangerous

Some weight loss pills are dangerous – but certainly not all. Rather than condemning them all, do your research first to separate the good ones from the rogues.

Weight loss myth 6: You Can No Longer Indulge Yourself

Now that you’re dieting, you can no longer indulge yourself. This means no more treats, no more nachos, no more cakes, NO MORE FUN. It sucks and you may as well as stop pretending you’re ever going to be happy again. Actually, this is not true. Just because you’re now dieting, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun ever again and treat yourself to a piece of cake. In fact, you should aim to have at least 1 cheat meal per week!

Weight loss myth 7: From Now On, It’s Fat-Free And Low Fat Food All The Way, Baby!

Many assume that key to losing weight is eating low fat and fat-free food. However, just because food is low in fat, that doesn’t mean it’s also low in calories. Instead, of focusing on eye-catching labels like “LOW FAT!!”, you should check the calories per serving of any food you buy. This is a much indicator of how much something will help you with your weight loss goals, as calories are what put the weight on.

Weight loss myth 8: You Need To Get A Better Job To Afford Healthier Foods

We’ve all heard the argument, and perhaps you’ve peddled it out yourself, too: “I would eat better, but healthy food is just SO expensive.” Um. It’s not true. We’re not sure where the argument came from that a 30 cent lime is expensive, but most of the time this “myth” is just an excuse people use when they’re not serious enough about losing weight. Trust us on this one, eating healthily is affordable. For one thing, most of the vegetables, fruits and grains you buy can be used over the course of an entire week. Secondly, most fruit and veg is now frozen, which means you can get way more bang for your buck than ever. Find a website that posts healthy meal plans and discover the great ways you can make your ingredients last longer. As you’ll soon find out, healthier foods are not anymore expensive than junk. In fact, they’re even cheaper!

Weight loss myth 9: You Now Need To Eliminate Entire Food Groups

Some folk get really extreme when they’re trying to lose weight and cut out entire food groups. The consequence of this is that they end up cutting out entire nutrients, too. And this is bad news. There is simply no need to be so extreme when dieting. The aim should be for a well-balanced diet with everything in moderation. Our bodies need carbs, protein and fat to function properly.

Weight loss myth 10: You Can’t Eat After Sundown

You’ve convinced yourself that you can’t eat at night because eating at night makes you fat. However, this just isn’t true. Not only can you eat after sundown, you can also eat close to bedtime – as long as you eat the right things. Sure, you’ll get fat if you eat fatty foods before bed. But if you eat the likes of tuna, egg whites and cottage cheese, you’ll be just fine.

Stay happy and healthy!

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