10 Weight loss motivation tips

Deciding that you want to lose weight is pretty easy. Even the first few days of trying to lose weight aren’t so bad. But, when you step on the scales after five days, expecting to see dramatic results, then that’s when the motivation begins to evaporate into thin air. The only way to lose weight is to stay motivated and see it through to the end. The odd slips, here and there, are going to happen, but overall, you need to keep on going with that plan with a gritty determination. If you want to be a weight loss winner and not a weight loss also ran, then read these ten tips that will keep you motivated:

1. Don’t deny yourself everything that you like

One of the greatest weight loss motivation tips, that will help you to avoid the odd slips, is don’t completely cut out all the food that you like. Cutting down is better than not trying at all and, if you try and cut out all the foods that you really enjoy, all in one go, then you will be unlikely to stick with your weight loss plan. There are plenty of alternatives to the drastic cutting out of all high calorie foods. You could try smaller portion sizes, for example, or reducing the number of times a week that you eat a certain type of food.

2. Set yourself a good, motivational goal that will give you drive and excitement 

Set yourself a goal to aim for, but make that goal a realistic one. A goal to achieve something, rather than setting a target weight, will be a good incentive for you to keep up the effort. Your goal could be as simple, as to fit into last year’s dress or it could be to run a certain distance, but it should be something that you will be proud to have achieved.

3. Create a thin mindset

Thin people tend to think about food in a very different way, than overweight people do, and you can train yourself to think thin. When you think about food, try not to think how delicious, it’s going to taste, think instead about how much fuel that food is going to provide your body with. Is that next mouthful necessary, or are you just eating for comfort or for pleasure?

4. Surround yourself with thin friends. Sounds funny but it works!

Another great weight loss motivation tip is simple – surround yourself with slim friends. This is a tough one and we’re not suggesting that you dump all your overweight friends or that you ask a person’s weight before you accept them as a friend. It has been proven though that obesity is contagious within social groups. If you mix with people who overeat, then you are far more likely to overeat as well, so if you broaden your network of friends to include the skinny, fit and sporty, then some of that will rub off on you.

5. Give yourself rewards, but make sure it’s not a cake!

Weight loss motivation tips also include rewarding yourself. Break down your ultimate goal into the smaller, more easily achievable milestones along the way and reward yourself at each stage of the journey. Don’t necessarily make the reward food based though; choose other things that you would like to do. For example, you could treat yourself to a spa or a manicure, if you stick to your plan for four weeks, much better than promising yourself a whole cake only for you.

6. Expect setbacks. If you fall down, get up and continue to press on toward your goal to win

Everybody’s weight fluctuates, so don’t expect your weight to have dropped every time you step on the scales or you will be tempted to give up your efforts there and then. In fact, some people even recommend that you don’t weigh yourself at all, but we would suggest the middle of the road approach of weighing yourself every other week or so, and then you will be able to track your progress without worrying about the minor blips along the way.

7. Set yourself some rules, such as ‘no food three hours before going to bed’

Another great weight loss motivation tip that will really help you to shed pounds is – set some rules for yourself. One of the easiest ways to blow a diet is to give in to the late night cravings. You can even justify this to yourself by reading advice that you should allow yourself treats, when you are trying to lose weight. This advice doesn’t mean that, if you stick to your regime all day, you can treat yourself to a late night feast when your tummy begins to growl. The simplest way around this late night craving problem is to set a cutoff time for eating. Have a no food rule, not even snacks, three hours before going to bed.

8. Lose weight with friends, it’s so much fun!

Loosing weight together with friends is one of the coolest weight loss motivation tips ever. A little friendly competition will provide you with a great incentive to stick to your weight loss plan. Joining a slimming club, or just agreeing with a group of friends that you will all lose weight, will give you a good reason to meet your targets and you will be able to share tips and experiences too.

9. Change your habits and routines

It’s easy to give into temptation when eating at certain times or as a part of a particular activity has become an ingrained habit. For some people, they always reach for the ice cream when they watch a movie, for others, they always have a snack at certain time of day. To beat the habitual eating pattern, it’s easier to change the routine, than it is to change habits. Go for a walk, at the time you would normally eat a snack or read a book instead of watching a movie.. Changing routines and finding new interests and hobbies, that you don’t automatically associate with eating, will make it easier not to overeat.

10. Think positive and ditch the negatives

People find it easier to motivate themselves to do something positive, than they do telling themselves not do something. Taking a positive mental attitude to your eating habits, like telling yourself that you will eat more vegetables and fruit, is far easier to stick to, than telling yourself that you will never eat candy again. It’s a trick of the mind, but it works!

What are your favorite weight loss motivation tips? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Stay happy and healthy!


  1. Chrissy Morton
    June 5, 2014 at 7:50 am

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  2. Barabal
    May 23, 2014 at 8:10 am

    Number 8 is actually very helpfull point. There is an app that helps with it. It is called mygoal.

  3. Dan
    May 20, 2014 at 8:46 pm

    I completely agree with this. I mainly startedl losing weight because I was rather unhealthy and people made fun of me.
    That changed though!

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