10 Tips On How To Reduce Stubborn Arm Fat

Finding it hard to get rid of stubborn arm fat? This article can help.

I know how it is: It’s not simply a new year that has compelled you to finally target your arm fat. It’s simply that you’ve had enough.

You’ve had enough of looking in the mirror and seeing the fat hanging there like fruit from a tree (at least that’s how I likened mine – to a pear tree, no less!).

You’ve had enough of not being able to wear your bathing suits or t-shirts without quickly covering everything up. You brave it for a few seconds after being determined that your arm fat won’t defeat you, but as soon as you turn the door handle you rush back to your bedroom and cover it all up.

I’ve been there, done that and not bought the t-shirt (because I wouldn’t wear it!).

It doesn’t matter what your boyfriend or anyone else says to you. YOU can see the fat, you don’t like it and you by heck need to get rid of it ASAP.

Maybe you’ve tried to get rid of it but your methods so far haven’t worked. Fear not, because help is still at hand. Let’s take a look at 10 top tips on how to reduce your stubborn arm fat.

Triceps Dip To Reverse Plank

This exercise can be a bit challenging, so to make it easier for yourself you can leave out the dip and head straight to the inverted plank from the starting position.

Otherwise, being on a chair or low bench. Then place the palm of your hands on the edge, while making sure that your arms are straight. Also, put your legs stretched out in front of you and rest your heels on the floor.

Then – ever so slowly – descend into a dipping position, making sure to bend your elbows deeply and letting your back lower to the front of the chair or bench.

Then, rise slowly to the starting position, before pausing and hoisting your hips high up to the ceiling. Then, get into the inverted plank position before returning to the start.

Do this a few times in repetition.

Arm Plunge

For this one, you need to stand upright with your legs and feet apart before stretching out your arms.

Have you palms face the ceiling, before plunging your arms downward while simultaneously turning your hands over. Lift back up quickly before repeating a few times.

Push and Pull

Stand with your legs apart before bending down into a squat. Lift your arms in front of you before bringing them down to your waist. Repeat this motion a few times.

Push Planks

Push planks target your core and shoulders, but it can cause wrist pain. If you find this happens to you, just hold the low plank for as long as feels comfortable.

Start on a chair or low bench, placing your hands underneath your shoulders. Make sure that both feet are extended out behind you, and then hoist yourself up so that you form a straight a line as possible at a forty-five degree angle to the mat. For more grip, you can curl your toes.

Next, bend your left elbow while dropping your forearm to the chair. Do the same with your right arm until your forearms have adopt a low plank.

Now, extend your left arm followed by your right until you assume a high plank position.

Repeat this a few times, alternating between starting with your right and left.

Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks

Hold a free weight in your left hand and raise your other hand and bent right leg on a bench, before forming a ninety-degree angle between your upper arm and forearm, keeping your head straight.

Extend your left arm right out behind you while exhaling, before returning to the starting position.

Underhand Rows In Boat Pose

Underhand Rows In Boat Pose targets your backs, abs and biceps, but if you’re finding it difficult you can leave out the boat pose altogether. Instead, you could sit yourself down on a mat with your legs extended out before you. Lift your torso upright and then do your rows.

Otherwise, get yourself into the boat pose. You do this by sitting on a mat and lifting both your bent legs up until your shins run level to the ground. While you are doing this, lean back until you are balancing on your bum.

Then, take your light band and wrap it around your feet. Wrap the ends of it around your hands so that it’s nice and taut.

Next, point your palms of your hands up to the ceiling, before touching the bottom of your rub cage. As you do this, make sure to tighten your back and abs.

Then, let your arms slowly return to the starting position.

Repeat a few times.

Tricep Push Ups

For this one, start with your shoulders width apart and your hands beneath your shoulders. Then, begin the push ups.

V-Shoulder Raise To Chest Press

What the V-Shoulder Raise To Chest Press targets should be pretty self-explanatory – your shoulders and chest, of course!

If you find this one too tough, you can always simplify it by lifting your arms to make a V before lowering back down. Easy.

If you’re up for the full exercise, grab yourself a band and hold the end of it in each hand. Then, take a step back while putting your right foot on top of the band.

Hold this split stance while you lift both arms out to your sides until they are level with your shoulders. Essentially, you are looking to form a V. Make sure that your arms are at the sam height, before bringing your hands down in front of you. Have them meet before returning to the V stance. Then return to the starting position.

Repeat a few times.

Tricep Chair Dips

Start with a chair against the wall, and stand about 2 ft from the chair, facing away from it.

With your hands behind you, use your fingers to grab the edge of the chair before bending your knees to a 90 degree. Bend your elbows and inhale as you do. Lower your butt towards the floor. Raise your body to the starting position, exhaling as you do so.


Along with the above exercises, there is no better way to reduce stubborn arm fat that just won’t go away than by going for a jog.

If you don’t like jogging alone or can’t find the motivation to do it, find someone to buddy up with.

Stay happy!

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