10 Simple Weight Loss Tips And Tricks That You Definitely Shouldn’t Overlook

We know that losing weight is never easy. We set goals and targets that we want to achieve, but actually achieving them seems to be the Hardest. Thing. Ever.

The problem is that we think losing weight has to be really, really difficult. For this reason, we always opt to take the long, hard road to losing weight and as a consequence we cave after a week or two and raid the chocolate cupboard. It’s just too difficult and stressful.

The reality, though, is that losing weight can be a matter of carrying out a few simple tricks. Let’s take a look at 10 of these simple tricks that make losing weight one of the easiest things you’ll do this year.

1. Add Foods, Don’t Subtract

One of the major reasons many of us find it difficult to lose weight is because we’re always removing food from our diet. This makes us miserable, and it makes us hungry. All we want to do is curl up into a ball and feel sorry for ourselves.

Before raiding the chocolate cupboard.

The thing is, you really should be putting the onus on adding healthy food to your diet. Snack on a delicious bowl of blueberries, or sprinkle some cinnamon on your coffee. These minor but super healthy additions really can help you with your diet.

2. Go For A Walk

Going for a run is possible a step too far for some people; it leaves them exhausted, and makes them want to kill anyone who said going on a diet is easy.

So if running is not your thing, why not go for a lovely walk instead? You can enjoy a scenic walk at any time of the year, and the best thing is there is always somewhere to walk – even if it’s just your own block!

3. Watch Less Television

For some, sitting themselves in front of the television after a long day at work is the perfect way to relax. The trouble is, sitting yourself in front of the television for hours at an end can lead to weight gain.

After all, your favourite show is on and you definitely need a chocolate bar to enjoy it with, don’t you?

And, oh look, Taken is on. Time to get the popcorn out!

And then Jimmy Kimmel is on next. No one watches Jimmy Kimmel without a coke, right?

4. Eat From A Smaller Plate

Got lots of large dinner plates? You enjoy filling them up with food, don’t you? Otherwise it just doesn’t look as though you’re eating all that much. We all do it.

The problem is, whenever you fill a large plate with food, you’re inclined to eat it all. It’s not a problem, but because our stomachs take 15 minutes to tell our brains that we’re full, we invariably eat more than we need to. Our tip is to start using smaller plates. You’ll still be eating as much food as you need, but you won’t be overindulging. Perfect.

5. Stop Thinking About Working Out

Does just the words working out inspire you with terror? No problem. To lose weight, you don’t necessarily have to sweat on a treadmill. Instead, you could hop on your bike, wash your car, or even run around with your dog. There are lots of fun ways to lose weight without almost dying on the treadmill, and we suggest that you just be a little more creative with how you go about it.

6. Size Up

Losing weight is often about winning the mind wars. Our mind is conditioned to deceive us into believing that we need to eat as much as possible. To size-up, you need food that comes in pieces, such as pizza, sushi or chicken nuggets. Then, instead of grabbing the larger pieces, you should grab the smaller pieces.

And pizza always comes in larger and smaller pieces. It’s just a natural law. And it’s also seemingly natural for us to grab the larger pieces because our mind will feel cheated otherwise. But it’s time to win the mind war but grabbing 3 smaller pieces. You’ll still fill up, but you won’t be piling on the pounds, partner.

7. Sit At The End Of The Table

If you sit in the middle of the table at a dinner event, you’ll be at the centre of attention. And you’ll also be where all the bread, chips, cheese and other assortments are placed. This is just way too tempting, so to avoid this kind of confrontation with all the food you love, we suggested placing yourself at the end of the table where there is no action. Remove yourself from the firing line, so to speak.

8. Drink Water

Did you know what our bodies get most of their water from food? Rather than, you know, actual water in a glass. For this reason, our bodies are conditioned to tricking us into thinking we’re hungry, when the reality is we’re actually just gagging for some water. As a consequence, many of us satisfy our body’s water cravings by eating a burger or a hot dog. Oops.

What you need to do is, whenever you’re feeling a little peckish, have a glass of water. You’ll be amazed at the results.

9. Purge Your Cupboards

Got cupboards filled with chocolates, biscuits, sweets and crisps? Do a purge! Totally clean out those cupboards! You’ll feel much better afterwards, and when it comes to snacking during a movie, you could try blueberries instead. They taste oh so delicious, and they’re super healthy too.

10. Change The Way You Snack

It is often snacks that put on most of our weight. Candy bars, chocolates, chips, bread and so on; it’s all bad for us. But how about swapping your traditional snacks for something healthier that still tastes great? For example, you could swap chips for an apple, chocolate for cherries and candy bars for grapes. It’s really easy to do, and you’ll still be getting a lot out of it.

What are your favorite weight loss tips and tricks?

Stay happy and healthy!

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