10 Simple things that you can do throughout the day to lose weight

Weight loss doesn’t need to be a complicated business. There are plenty of fancy diets and exercise regimes that you can follow, if you want to, but you can also lose weight, the easy way, by just adopting a few simple habits in your life. These tips won’t bring you instant weight loss, but give it some time, and you really will start to see the difference.

1. Stop drinking the calories

The first thing you can do every day is to start watching what you drink. There are calories in soda, milky coffee and even juice (especially in packaged juice), so swap some of your daily beverages for a glass of water instead.

2. Look for low fat alternatives

Take a look through your cupboards and think how many calories you could take out of your diet by choosing low fat alternatives. There are plenty of low fat alternatives to most foods. All you have to do is think, before you buy and read the labels, that way you will cut down on calories easily.

3. Cut down portion sizes, but eat more often

Cutting down portion sizes is easier, than cutting out meals. Ideally, a single portion should be no bigger than the size of your fist. That should be enough to make you feel full and keep you going until the next meal; the good news is that you can eat your smaller meals more often and still lose weight, because by eating smaller portions of food but more often can help boost your metabolism and will help you avoid that unpleasant starvation mode in which your body goes when it feels the lack of nourishment.

4. Take the stairs

When you get a choice, always take the stairs, not the escalator or elevator. Just two or three minutes a day, climbing the stairs, can make a major difference to your weight over time. Just a couple of flights of stairs a day will also help protect you against heart disease and stroke.

5. Walk

Walking is an easy way to get you back into shape. You should be aiming to start by walking at least five minutes a day, until you get used it and then work your way up, until you are doing about thirty minutes of exercise every day. Thirty minutes of exercise, will burn off about 120 calories, so it’s worth the effort.

6. Don’t watch the commercials!

Don’t waste your time watching the commercials on TV. You’ve seen them all before anyway. Take the opportunity to do some exercise instead. You can do some skipping, run up the stairs and back again and do a few jumping jacks. If you get your heart rate up in every commercial break, you would burn an extra 270 calories a day.

7. Eat at home

Eating out is nice, but don’t do it every night. Cook your own food at home and then you can control the portion sizes and what goes into your food. Most restaurant food is higher in fat and calories than in the food that you would cook yourself, and takeaway food is even worse.

8. Eat slowly

Eat slowly and concentrate on your food. If you rush your food, then will eat more than you really need, because it takes a while for your brain to register that you have had enough food. It’s also a proven fact, that people who eat meals while watching the TV will eat more than they would, if they had turned the TV off.

9. Do your chores faster

Pick up the speed that you do things and you will lose weight. Simply trying to do the vacuum cleaning faster or walking to the shops quicker will elevate your heart rate and help to burn off a few more calories.

10. Snack healthy

It’s not snacking that’s the problem; it’s what you snack on that makes the difference. The majority of adults don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables at all, so swap your calorie filled snack for fresh fruit and vegetables and you will fill up on healthy fiber and vitamins, rather than useless calories.

Do you have some other tips on what things we can do throughout the day to lose weight?

Stay happy and healthy!

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