10 Must-know kitchen hacks that will help you lose weight

If you are trying to lose weight, then the kitchen is the one room in the home where everything can go wrong. Even if you have had the will power to stay off the fast food, now you have to be good in the kitchen too. Here are ten great kitchen hacks that will help you keep your resolve and help you lose weight.

1. Make healthier food easy to find

Organise your refrigerator, so it’s the healthy food that is the easiest to reach. Pre-prepare fruit and vegetables and keep them in useable containers, so they are just as easy to reach for, as a frozen ready meal. Also, put the healthy foods at the front of the refrigerator, at eye level, so they are always the first things that you see.

2. Replace butter with apple sauce in baking

Whenever you see a baking recipe that calls for butter, did you know that you can replace that butter with apple sauce? You just swap butter for applesauce, in the same quality, in recipes like cakes, and it tastes wonderful but, it has no fat.

3. Prepare salad

Eating salad before your main meal is a great way to curb the appetite, but who wants to prepare a salad every evening? Just make up your salad that will last you for a couple of days and store it in a sealable container, and then you won’t be so tempted to skip it to save time before your evening meal.

4. Don’t leave food out on the counters

Every time you see that plate of cookies on the counter, you are going to be tempted to eat one. Put food away in cupboards and that way you won’t be tempted. According to one study, people who leave food out on the kitchen counter weighed, on average, 10% more than those who did not.

5. Downsize your plates and utensils

Another one of easy weight loss tips is to downsize your plates and utensils. Simply switching from a twelve inch plate to ten inch ones can make a big difference in your eating habits. Downsizing your plates, serving spoons and other utensils, will encourage you to serve up smaller portions.

6. Don’t hang out in the kitchen

Do whatever you can to make the kitchen the place where you prepare food, not the place where you spend most of your time. So long as you are in there, surrounded by food, you will be tempted to grab a snack. Take out the TV and even hide the kitchen stools, because the less time you are lounging around in the kitchen, the better.

7. Swap in avocado

Another healthy ingredient swap for you to try is avocado. To lighten up a rich dish, try using avocado in place of cream, butter or milk. Avocado will give you fibre and good fats that will replace the need for high fat dairy products in some dishes.

8. Measure out ingredients properly

Many people think they know better than recipe books and substitute a dollop for a handful, for more precise measurements. If you do this, then it is quite likely that you are eating more than you think, so buy yourself some proper measuring scoops and spoons and measure out ingredients coercively.

9. Put out a fruit bowl

Another one of easy weight loss tips is to put out a fruit bowl. Here’s an interesting statistic for you: people who have fruit out in a bowl have been found to weigh 8 pounds, on average, less than people who don’t. If you have fruit laid out in a bowl, then when you feel peckish, you are going to reach for an apple or a banana and not go to all the trouble of finding another snack.

10. Turn up the room temperature

Research has also shown that people tend to eat more, the colder they are. Turn up the room temperature in your kitchen and lounge, and you should find that you feel the urge to eat less often.

What are your favorite kitchen hacks that help you lose weight?

Stay happy!

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