Tips for healthy eating: 10 Healthy eating habits of skinny girls

We’re all born pretty much the same shape and size, so how is it that some of us stay skinny and some of us don’t? Medical conditions aside, the reason, of course, lies in the lifestyle choices that we make, as we grow older. What we eat and how much we exercise when we are young plays a big part in whether or not we are thin, because we develop these types of habits when we are young. But, bad habits can be dropped and good ones adopted, so read these 10 healthy habits of skinny girls and start on your journey to a thinner and fitter you:

1. Eat fresh food, not pre-prepared

As a general rule of thumb, fresh food will always be better for you, than pre-prepared food or preserved food. Eat fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and cook with fresh ingredients; it will straight away reduce the calories that you take on board from the additives and preservatives that are found in prepared or preserved food.

2. Exercise portion control and remember – you don’t have to clear your plate

Cooking at home is best, because you get to decide on the ingredients and the portion sizes. Don’t overload your plate, cook more vegetables and remember to eat only what you need. And remember, despite what your mother taught you, you don’t have to always clear your plate, if you’ve had enough to eat.

3. Only eat when you are hungry

Make it a habit to eat only when you are hungry and never because you are bored, emotional or simply out of habit. Your body will tell you when it needs food and there is no need to eat when you are not feeling hungry.

4. Savor your food, enjoy every bite

Take your time with meals and savor the food. It’s always better to sit at a table to eat, rather than at your desk at work or your couch at home. Distractions like the TV or a computer will actually make you eat more, so take your time, chew properly and give your body a chance to tell you when you are full.

5. Stand up more

Research has shown that if you sit for longer than an hour or so, your body slows the production of the enzymes that burn fat by up to 90%. Skinny people can never sit still for prolonged periods of time, so take a leaf from their book and make sure that you stand up and walk around a bit, at least, once an hour.

6. Don’t eat high calorie foods after your evening meal

Avoid the temptation to settle down with a bar of chocolate and a can of soda every evening and set yourself a ‘no eating after dinner’ rule. This is how many people pile on the pounds, so if you do feel peckish, have some fresh fruit instead.

7. Walk more and choose stairs instead of elevator

Walking is the easiest way to get exercise without the need for visiting a gym or buying any equipment. Take a brisk walk at lunchtime, choose the stairs instead of the elevator and leave the car at home when you can. It all adds up to more pounds burned and you will barely even notice that you are exercising.

8. Healthy breakfast is your friend 

Ask any skinny girl what she had for breakfast and we will bet that they didn’t skip it altogether. Always eat a healthy breakfast every day, because it kick starts your metabolism and will help you to avoid the temptation of over-indulging on snacks later on.

9. Cut out sweet and creamy coffees

If you always grab a coffee in the morning, then make it a black one. Remember, milk is designed by nature to fatten calves quickly, so it’ going to do the same to you! A few simple changes like this can soon add up to some lost pounds.

10. Drink plenty of water to keep you trim and slim

It’s easy to confuse the signals of hunger with those of thirst, so make sure that you are drinking plenty of water during the day. That way you won’t get fooled into eating more than you need.

Do you know some other healthy habits of skinny girls?

Feel free to share your healthy eating tips in the comment section below.

Stay happy, healthy and beautiful!


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    Thanks for sharing the post!!It seems to be a healthy advice that can definitely cut down the fats of the body and keep them fit and perfect!!

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    Great tips! Love it!

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