10 Foods That Suppress Appetite And Can Help You Lose Weight

Looking to lose weight the easy way? In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at 10 foods that suppress appetite and can help with weight loss.

Essentially, the key to losing weight is easting less calories. When we put it like that, we make it sound SO simple. But as you know, it’s no where near as easy as that because the biggest thing you have to grapple with is hunger. How are you supposed to shed the pounds when you keep feeling hungry all the time? You could decide to go on a diet of just fruit and vegetables, but if hunger keeps gnawing away at you, you’re going to cave eventually. This is where hunger-busting foods that suppress your appetite come in – in other words, foods that keep hunger cravings at bay for potentially hours on end! The foods on this list are rich in dietary fibre and good fats, which means they refuel you with enough energy to last longer without reaching for the snacks cupboard. Let’s take a look at 10 foods that suppress appetite and can help you lose weight.


Everyone seems to be eating avocados at the moment, from hipsters to your grandmother. But while it’s really trendy right now to eat avocados, there are also some good health reasons. For you as you seek to shift some pounds, it’s good to know that avocados are one of amazing foods that suppress appetite. This is because they contain a lot of good fats, the kind that take our body’s ages to digest. And the longer something takes to digest, the longer you feel full. Avocados also contain soluble fibre, which also slows digestion right down.

Not sure how to include an avocado in your diet? Slice them up and add to salads, scrambled eggs on toast or sandwiches. Alternatively, mash ‘em and turn them into a spread or a dip.


As kids, we were told that eating just one apple per day would keep the doctor away. However, while there isn’t really much truth to this, what is true is that apples are stuffed with fibre. As such, they are awesome if you want to keep hunger at bay. As well as being rich in fibre, apples are also low in both fat and calories. This makes them the ideal fruit to munch on if you need a snack but don’t want to gain weight. Bingo!


“Water? Water?!  War-Ter?!!! Are you kidding me?”

Okay, so water doesn’t seem like the obvious choice as foods that suppress appetite. How can a transparent liquid devoid of fat fill us up and make us forget about food for a few hours? It’s because many times our body tricks us into thinking we’re hungry when we’re actually just thirsty. It works like this: Many of us get most of our H2O content from food. As a result, when our body craves water, it makes us think we’re hungry! Do you see how that works? The next time you get a hunger craving at a very odd time, try drinking a glass of water. See what happens. From then on, aim to drink between 5-7 glasses of water per day.


Next time you head to a restaurant, check out their soup of the day. While soup might not seem like the most satisfying of meals, it’s actually more filling than you’d think. And it makes for one of excellent foods that suppress appetite. It doesn’t matter what kind of soup it is – any will do. What matters is the low-calorie count and high water content, which keeps you feeling full for longer. However, if we were to recommend a type of soup, we’d go with either vegetable soup or a broth. Yummy!


There are many reasons to oatmeal for breakfast. One of the best reasons we can think of is that oatmeal is rich in fibre and good carbs, and can therefore keep you feeling full for longer. Oatmeal is also the ideal breakfast because it can be paired up with a variety of other foods. You can add mixed berries, quinoa, seeds, and a wide variety of fruit, including mangos, coconuts, bananas, and apples. In fact, anything you can think of!


Don’t feel like oatmeal for breakfast? How about eggs instead? Eggs are rich in protein, and are therefore a great way to refuel in the morning and they are one of fabulous foods that suppress appetite. Eggs will keep you going until lunch, and also arm with you with other beneficial vitamins, too.


If you need a healthier snack to get you through the afternoon and fight hunger cravings, we can’t think of anything better than nuts. Because they’re rich in good fats, nuts are able to keep you feeling satisfied for a decent amount of time. Almonds are arguably one of fabulous foods that suppress appetite. They’re cheap to buy, convenient, and you can munch on them all day without worrying about weight gain.

Green Tea

The problem some people have with green tea is that they just don’t like the way it tastes. That’s fair enough, but it’s worth knowing that you can buy flavoured green tea. It probably tastes more to your liking and comes with the exact same benefits. As well as being loaded with lots of great antioxidants, green tea promotes the production and release of hormones which limit or at least control our food cravings. It works by boosting your metabolic rate and energy levels.


If you’re really not a fan of green tea, you could try coffee instead. Coffee makes us more alert and improves our focus. What’s less well known is its ability to suppress appetite. Consume it in moderation, and you’ll find that a cup of Joe now and then is a great way to keep hunger pangs away.


Like green tea, spices also come with a variety of health benefits. Chief among them is their ability to get your metabolism moving while helping you to burn more fat. We recommend black pepper and cinnamon the most, but you can raid the spice section of your local supermarket for anything that grabs your fancy. Turmeric is also awesome!

What are your favourite foods that suppress appetite?

Stay happy!

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