10 Amazing Foods That Give You Energy And Help You Lose Weight

The more energy you have, the more fat you can burn and therefore the more weight you can lose. It’s a simple equation but are you eating the right foods that will help you achieve your goals?

When we’re trying to lose weight, it’s normal to consider going for the low calorie foods. It makes sense, right? However, although less calories can in theory help to keep the weight off, they don’t give you all that much energy. And when we’re low in energy, not only does our metabolism find it hard to burn fat, but we also find ourselves craving junk food. It’s a recipe for disaster! As such, it’s possible that you might have been dieting wrong up until now. But it’s okay because there’s still time to get it right. The key is to eat foods that will give you a boost in energy while helping you lose weight. Let’s take a look at 10 of the best.


If it sometimes seems as though avocado is on the list of every article we write about foods that are good for you, it’s probably because they are! Avocados are total babes that everyone seems to like, from your vegan best friend to your grandma! And for good reason. Avocados are super healthy and super versatile. And because they’re rich in good fats and fibre, they help you feel full for longer. Avocados are also a good source of minerals, B vitamins and essential amino acids. They’re pretty high in calories but this shouldn’t matter as long as you don’t overdo things. Simply add a sliced medium avocado to your salads or sandwiches, or scramble them for a minute with your eggs.


Beans pop up a lot on lists of healthy foods. But are you getting enough beans in your diet? Beans like lentils and black beans are stuffed with resistant starches that are essentially a unique type of fibre which give you a boost in energy while promoting healthy gut bacteria. Beans release their energy and protein slowly but surely, which also has the effect of ensuring you stay full for longer. The benefit? It means you’ll eat less and therefore lose more weight. Beans work better when your body is able to absorb them more efficiently. Cook them with vitamin C-rich food, such as tomato or lemon to boost their absorption.

Leafy Greens

Mention leafy greens to staunch junk food addicts and they’ll likely pull a face. It’s like when we were kids: Leafy greens sounded horrendously boring and all we could picture was a massive bowl of, well, of leaves. Leafy greens include spinach, collards, swiss chard and kale. They’re all nutrient dense, rich in iron and god sources of loads of essential vitamins. They give you a massive boost in energy and can be added to salads, sandwiches, smoothies and soups. Moreover, they don’t contain a massive amount of calories and, when added to the right dishes, are actually super tasty.


Does salsa just remind of the many times you pigged out on fried tortilla chips or had one too many margaritas? The thing is that salsa itself is not unhealthy or fattening. Instead, what you pair it with is.


One of the reasons our energy levels dwindle is because we’re stressed. Indeed, stress leaves us feeling exhausted and when we’re exhausted and stressed, it’s then that we might start to pile on the pounds. Because salmon contains lots of omega-3 fatty acids, it’s a great way to curb stress by keeping cortisol – the big, bad stress hormone – under control. Salmon also gives you an energy boost and it’s overall very healthy for you. There are lots of ways you can eat salmon. Try it grilled next to some potatoes for dinner, or eat it for lunch as part of a cream cheese bagel. Either way, it’s absolutely gorgeous and one of the best fishes you can have.


One of the best breakfasts you can have is oatmeal. Picture it: Oatmeal with mixed berries, mangoes, coconut shavings, quinoa and draped in honey. DIVINE. As well as being super tasty in the morning, oatmeal is a whole grain that come with soluble fibre. This means they do a grand job of absorbing cholesterol and water to ensure you don’t feel slugging in the morning! Their soluble fibre also better regulates your blood sugar levels, ensuring energy is released slowly as opposed to in violent spikes that are followed by an awful crash. We recommend that you avoid instant oats. Otherwise, you’re just going to get destroyed by the sugar content.


Should you eat the egg whites or the yolk for more energy? Um, how about eating the whole thing?! The protein is in the yolk and it provides a boost in energy while also promoting the release of glucagon, a hormone that enhances the fat burning process.


Is quinoa a whole grain or a seed? Some will tell you it’s the former, while others will insist that it’s very definitely the latter. Whatever it is exactly, there’s no denying that quinoa can give you energy and help you lose weight. It’s gluten-free, it makes for a great snack, or it can be added to your salads or morning bowl of oatmeal. It’s also a complete protein and provides double the amount than regular grains. As such, it’s capable of leaving you feeling full for longer, which is great for if you need to lose weight.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds absorb sugar like a sponge, stabilise your blood sugar levels and can hold up to around 20 times their own weight in water. Awesome.


Sometimes when we’re hungry, we’re actually just thirsty. Indeed, when we mistake thirst for hunger, we overeat and put on the pounds. Not cool. Try drinking more water throughout the day to see if it suppresses your appetite. Water is essential for keeping us hydrated, but it could also be just the thing you need to keep your energy levels up and lose weight at the same time.

foods that give you energy and help you lose weight?

Stay happy!

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