Drop these 10 foods that drain energy…

Ah, if only we could lose weight and have more energy! Actually, it turns out that you can and it’s as simple as cleaning up your diet. They say that we’re only as strong as our weakest link. In other words, there’s always something that holds us back from scooping the big prizes in life. For some of us, our weakest links are junk food that prevents us from looking our best and which, although it makes us feel pretty great in the short term, actually makes us feel horrible in the long term.

The problem is that sometimes we’re eating foods that that are making us tired and gain weight. There’s a correlation. Food provides energy but some foods provide more fuel than others. If your diet is providing little energy, your metabolism will work slowly, which causes weight gain. On the other hand, if your diet is rich in energy, not only will it turbocharge your metabolism, it will also ensure that you can go longer and harder in the gym. Drop these 10 foods that drain energy and lose weight with no effort.

White Bread

White bread is often something that most of us grew up on. But as we get older, we start to read that it’s actually no good for us and it’s one of most common foods that drain energy. White bread is rich in added sugar, and it’s also super highly refined. This means it can rocket your blood sugar levels, which puts you at risk of diabetes. If you already have diabetes, white bread is a huge No-No. The good news is that white bread is certainly not the only type of bread. There are lots of healthier, tastier alternatives including simple brown bread and Ezekiel bread. That said, gluten is in all wheat breads, so you might want to take a look at the likes of almond flour bread and cornbread.

Fruit Juice

Many of us tend to think fruit juices are healthy because, well, it’s fruit. However, the fruit juices that you’ll see lining the shelves at the local supermarket are actually NOTHING like whole fruit. For a start, fruit juice is rich in sugar and it’s highly processed. They’re also calorie rich and don’t contain fibre, whereas whole fruits do. And fibre helps you to feel full for longer. Instead, if you want more energy and want to lose weight, it’s much better to just go for the whole fruit option.


Let’s face it, when we were kids, we all drank soda. Anyone who grew up in the nineties will fondly remember U.S. TV show Kenan and Kel, in which Kel’s famous catchphrase was: “Who loves orange soda?” The ironic thing was that, despite having an unhealthy obsession with soda, Kel was remarkably slender. The reality? If soda is a part of your diet it can slow you down and cause weight gain. Soda is a harmful food product that messes with your regulatory system. It offers no nutritional value and has been linked to tooth decay and obesity. Want more energy? Kick the soda.

Low Fat Foods

If you’re trying to lose weight, it makes a lot of sense to eat lots of low fat foods, right? Not quite. When food is proudly advertised as being low on fat, it tends to be high on sweeteners and fillers instead. Avoid, as these are usually those foods that drain energy.

Ice Cream

Ice cream is an indulgent food that we eat when we’re watching movies or chilling with our partner. We all know it isn’t very healthy, but did you know that it’s bad for your energy levels, as ice cream is also one of foods that drain energy? It contains a lot of calories and sugar, and while a small portion here and there is fine, many of us find it hard to control ourselves! A good idea is to make ice cream yourself with healthier ingredients or try really hard to serve yourself a small portion!

Fried Food

Fried food is addictive but it’s also a bit of a disaster. Fries – which includes sweet potato (noo!), are hugely damaging, and they proudly belong to the list of foods that drain energy. They can cause you to be low on energy and high on weight. Not cool. The problem is that fried food is literally everywhere when we go out. There are chicken nuggets here, onion rings there, and there’s always someone – be it the waiter or someone at our table – asking if we want fries. NO, WE DON’T. Well, we do but we really shouldn’t from now on.


Margarine doesn’t really offer you anything, and it especially doesn’t offer you energy or the chance to lose weight. It’s stuffed with bad fats and salt and is well worth cutting out.


If you want more energy and wish to lose weight, there will be sacrifices that you need to make. And one of these is cutting down on alcohol. In fact, you might need to cut it out altogether. Alcohol is often our weakest link. We think that one glass of wine a night is doing us no harm, but the truth is that it’s potentially doing us a lot of harm, especially, where our energy levels are concerned. Try going a week and then a month without drinking alcohol, and see how it leaves you feeling. The reality is that you should wake up feeling much more energetic.

Flavoured Coffee

“Hmmm. You had to go there, didn’t you?!” We did. We’re not happy about it but we had to go there. Pumpkin spice lattes are divine but they’re also no good for us. They’re crammed with excess calories and they don’t exactly give us a boost of energy. Okay the caffeine gives us energy but, unfortunately, there’s no need for those extra ingredients. Sorry!

Carb Only Snacks

Think carb only snacks are good for boosting energy? Think again. Carb only snacks do give you a rush of energy but the sugar rush doesn’t last long. It hits hard, it hits fast and it hits fleetingly. It’s all over too soon, after which your blood sugar levels plummet and you begin to feel hungry all over again.

Do you have other thoughts on foods that drain energy?

Stay happy and healthy!

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