10 Fabulously easy weight loss tips that will change your life

No one can say that weight loss is easy, it takes a lot of willpower and persistence to lose weight and then to keep that weight off. When you are trying to lose weight, your own mind is the biggest obstacle you have to overcome, because it’s your mind that tells you that you are hungry when your body doesn’t need food, it’s your mind that creates the cravings, and it’s your mind that will tempt you away from your diet plan. Just as your mind can fool you, though, there are ways that you can trick your mind. So, reed these ten great diet hacks that will help make it easier to lose weight fast.

1. Drink a glass of water before every meal

This is one of really simple and easy weight loss tips that will help you eat less. A glass of water before every meal will make you feel full faster and, of course, water contains no calories at all. It’s a good idea to try to drink more water all day long because it will also help stop you from snacking.

2. Eat slowly

One of the tricks that your mind plays on you is that it tells you are hungry when you have really had enough to eat. It takes about twenty minutes for the message to get from your stomach to your brain to tell you that you have eaten enough so, if you rush your food, you are very likely to eat more than you need. Take your time over your meals and chew the food thoroughly, and you will find that you eat a lot less.

3. Buy smaller plates

You can also fool your mind into thinking you have eaten more than you really have by buying some smaller plates. When you serve up your meals on small plates, it will look like a smaller meal is a big one, and, believe it or not, you will feel like you ate a big meal when you have finished your food.

4. Eat more high fibre foods

One of the simplest ways to make yourself feel full and to eat fewer calories is to eat more high fibre foods. Fibre fills you up and it takes longer to digest, so you will feel full for longer. It also helps to stop you from experiencing peaks and troughs in your blood sugar levels, which can make you feel like you need more food in between meals.

5. Avoid artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners, typically those that are found in diet soda, can actually make you gain weight. They trick your mind into thinking that you are consuming lots of sugar and that can desensitise the sweetness receptors in your body and create an even stronger craving for sweet foods than you had before. You would be better off avoiding soda all together and substituting the sugar in your food with low calorie alternatives like cinnamon.

6. Don’t skip meals

Skipping meals is counterproductive when you are trying to lose weight. If you skip lunch, for example, you are very likely to be so hungry by the time of your evening meal that you will overcompensate and eat far more than you would have done if you had eaten the two meals separately.

7. Put a mirror on the door of your refrigerator

One study found that, if you put a mirror on the door of your refrigerator, you will eat less and you will eat more healthy foods.  Seeing your own reflection staring back at you as you reach for food, will make you think twice about your food choices and it could help you lose weight.

8. Double on veggies

Many diet plans really just boil down to eating more vegetables, because vegetables are high fibre, high in nutrition, but low in calories. You can trick yourself into eating more vegetables by doubling the different types of vegetables that you have with every meal. You could also try doubling the volume of vegetables that you add to any recipe.

9. Tell everyone that you are trying to lose weight

This is not so much of a mind trick, but you can save yourself from a lot of temptation if your friends and family know that you are trying to lose weight. Hopefully, if they know what you are doing, they won’t pile your plate so high when you visit them, and they won’t offer you any high calorie treats.

10. Be mindful when you eat

Whether it’s a snack, or a main meal, concentrate on your food when you are eating and you will eat less. Don’t eat while you are watching the TV, or using the computer, because it has been proven that people who eat while they are distracted will eat far more.

What are your favourite easy weight loss tips?

Stay happy and healthy!

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