10 Easy To Follow Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Surgery is the ultimate last resort when it comes to losing weight. It usually comes after all the 6am exercising and 24 hour fasting strategies you tried to implement totally failed. But guess what? There is a MUCH easier way to lose weight. Let’s take a look in this article.

In the western world, more people are overweight than ever. When it comes to losing weight, we’re often prevented from doing so by a very debilitating mindset: We think it’s really easy to put weight on (it is), but super difficult to lose it (it isn’t).

It can be just as easy to lose weight as it is to put it on – as long as you know what you’re doing.

There a number of ways to lose weight. Perhaps you’ve already followed some of them yourself. They include diets that range from the strict, hard-to-follow to the downright bizarre.

And then there’s the mad exercise program your friend tried to put you on. After the third day of rising at 5.30am to hit the gym, you just knew it wasn’t for you! You’d much rather just keep the extra pounds than go through that again.

The good news is that losing weight can be easy – and healthy. Let’s take a look at the top 10 easy to follow healthy weight loss tips for a newly improved you.

Don’t Obsess Over Protein

In his book Proteinaholic – How Our Obsession With Meat Is Killing Us, Garth Davis M.D. outlines a very persuasive and convincing argument that protein isn’t the magical weight-loss nutrient that we all seem to think it is. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Protein is obviously good for you, but only in the right amounts. If you start to obsess over protein to the point where you literally can’t eat a meal unless it contains protein, you could be putting yourself at a massive disadvantage as you try to lose weight.

Protein helps to repair cells, tissues and build muscles. But too much animal protein can actually cause us to put weight ON, as opposed to getting rid of it.

Eat protein but don’t obsess over it. If you’re eating a lot of it at the moment, cut back.

Get Into Fruit

What isn’t to like about fruit? Fruit is healthy, tasty, zesty, refreshing, invigorating, thirst-quenching, exotic … we could go on.

There is so much variety, too. In the morning you could have mangoes and apricots in your oatmeal, for lunch you could have sliced apples in your salad, and for dinner you could add avocados to your salmon and eggs. Yummy!

Cut Out Soda

Soda is by far one of the most sugar-rich things you can put in your body, and it’s a chief reason why so many people are overweight.

Swap soda for flavoured water. And while we’re on the subject, try cutting down on fruit juice, too. Rich in sugar, it’s a surprising contributor to weight gain.

Lift Weights A Few Times A Week

You don’t HAVE to exercise to lose weight – but it certainly helps.

Even just lifting weights a couple of times a week can go a long way to getting you to your weight-loss goals as quickly as possible.

When you lift weights, you burn calories. You also keep your metabolism running at its optimum, thereby preventing it from slowing down.

Drink Tea And Coffee

Whichever of the two you prefer, drink more of them. The caffeine can boost your metabolism, thereby helping you to lose weight.

Eat A Healthy, Nutrient-Stuffed Breakfast

An easy way to put weight on is to skip breakfast. If you’ve ever left the house with just a cup of coffee swimming in your belly, you’ll no doubt have arrived at work absolutely ravenous.

So what do you do? You probably hit the vending machine for a chocolate bar before grabbing a cheeky bacon sandwich from the cafeteria. What a life saver!

Skipping breakfast means you’re probably going to eat starchy, sugary and fatty food throughout the morning to keep you going.

Instead, it’s a much better idea to fuel up properly before you leave the house. Try a hearty, healthy breakfast that’s rich in protein, fats and carbs. You’ll be filled right up until it’s time for lunch.

Floss After Dessert

If you floss just before you get into bed, that’s totally cool. You probably want to get rid of any last remnants of that chocolate cake you just had.

If, however, you floss at, say, 7PM it means you’re very unlikely to even eat that piece of chocolate cake just before bed. Why? Because who wants to floss after they’ve already flossed for the day?


Change The Way You Feel About Salads

Averse to salads? Think they won’t fill you up? Reckon salads are boring?

Think again.

Salads – which can be super tasty if you make them right – are jam-packed with nutrients that satisfy you, leaving you feeling full for longer. Do some research and you’ll find that salads can be easily just as rewarding as a plate of meat.

And the best thing? They’ll help you to lose weight.

Cut Out The Wine

We know how it is. You return home from work, exhausted. You’ve had a hard day and you know that the only thing that’s going to relax you is a big glass of wine.

However, alcohol is a killer when it comes to weight gain. If possible, try to find something else that will relax you after a long day at work.

And when the weekend comes, how about swapping alcoholic cocktails for virgin cocktails? It might not be as fun, but it’s a super easy way to lose more weight.

Eat More Fibre

Fibre isn’t a nutrient many of us think about as we stuff our faces with chicken burgers or heat up TV dinners. Fibre is a nutrient that makes you feel full for longer. But why do we need to think about feeling full for longer when we’re eating steak or a double cheeseburger? We know that these foods will help us to feel full for longer! Get outta here, fibre!

Actually, they won’t. Void of fibre and many other key nutrients, animal meat doesn’t ward off the pangs of hunger for as long as you might think or hope.

Fibre – which is not found in animal meat – is a pretty essential nutrient that regulates your bowel movements, lowers cholesterol, and helps you to lose weight. It also makes you feel more satisfied after a meal, which means you won’t be reaching for the snack cupboard to keep yourself going.

Fibre is found in healthy, tasty plant-based food, such as apples, spinach and oats. Eating more foods like this will make you feel full for much longer than processed food.

Stay happy and healthy!

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