If you like to find more natural ways to keep yourself looking great and you want to avoid all those harsh chemicals that are put in commercial beauty products, then take a closer look at rose water. A rose is delicate, beautiful and has a wonderful scent, so what could be a better ingredient to use in your beauty regime? So here are some of the many wonderful beauty uses of rose water:

1. Use as an after sun body spray

A light spray of rose water on your body will help to cool you down after a day in the sun, it will ease irritation from any burning and soothe irritation to your skin.

2. Treat dry and frizzy hair

Mix rose water and water together, in equal quantities, and massage the mixture into your hair. Leave it on for about ten to fifteen minutes and then, shampoo and rinse as normal, and it will moisturize your hair and calm any frizz.

3. Use for an improved complexion

Mix two tablespoons of rice flour into a paste with some rose water and then apply to your face as a mask. Leave it on for about ten minutes and it will help to clear and even out your complexion and lighten any dark spots or blemishes.

4. Use as a skin toner

Rose water can work as great, refreshing pick-me-up, first thing in the morning. Just splash a little on your face and spruce up your mornings with a burst of natural freshness.

5. Use it as a natural hair conditioner

Here’s a recipe for a hair conditioner that will nourish your hair and stimulate the healthy growth of new hair. Mix some rose water with coconut oil and some Vitamin E. Massage it into your hair, leave it on for thirty minutes before washing off, and it will moisturize and nourish your hair and leave it looking glossy and healthy.

6. Rose water makes a great skin cleanser

Just dab some cotton wool in rose water and wipe away all the dirt and grime of the day. It’s a lovely way to refresh your skin and remove all the pollution.

7. Add shine to your hair

Giving your hair a final rinse with rosewater will leave it with a wonderful scent and it will add extra sheen and bounce to your hair.

8. Treat oily skin

To treat oily skin and clean your pores, mix a couple of drops of tea tree oil in a cup of rose water and wipe your face with it using a cotton pad. Leave it on your face for about ten minutes and then wash off.

9. Treat acne and pimples

For a soothing, antibacterial treatment for acne, mix two tablespoons of lemon juice with five tablespoons of rose water, apply it to your face and leave it on for around five minutes, before rinsing off with warm water.

Make sure you are not allergic to the ingredients before trying new homemade beauty treatments.

What are your favorite beauty uses for rose water?

Stay beautiful!

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