Top 10 cities to visit in the world

What are 10 best cities you definitely need to visit? Everyone has their favorite city in the world and there are so many great cities that choosing just ten is a tricky proposition! But, if you like to travel, then here are our top ten cities that everyone should experience at least once:

1. Rio de Janeiro

Rio is an incredibly exciting city set in one of the most stunning locations in the world. Some people even say about Rio, that God made the world in six days and on the seventh, he made Rio! A beautiful blue ocean meets the sandy beaches and it’s surrounded by a lush, tropical landscape. Stand atop Sugarloaf Mountain or by the Corcovado statue and marvel at one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes.

2. Rome

Rome is another one of exciting and elegant places to visit and is also a part of our list of top 10 cities to visit in the world. The city that was once the centre of the civilised world is a must for all lovers of art and history. There are so many famous monuments, art galleries and museums to see that a day trip will never do Rome justice. And, if you do visit Rome, don’t forget to check out some of the many picturesque streets, like those in the Trastevere district, these are often overlooked in favour of the more well-known tourist attractions.

3. Hong Kong

If you are looking for a tranquil, restful holiday, then give Hong Kong a miss! But, if you want to experience a taste of the hustle and bustle of a successful Chinese city, then Hong Kong is for you. The cityscape at night, viewed across the harbour is simply stunning and you have other attractions to visit like Victoria Peak, the famous Nathan Road and now, of course, there is Hong Kong Disneyland as well.

4. New York

The Big Apple just has to be on a list of top 10 cities to visit in the world. Another city of hustle and bustle, but what an experience! There are also many sights to see in New York, as well as just experiencing the excitement of the place. There is the Empire State Building, which stood as the world’s tallest building for about 40 years, Times Square, Yankee Stadium, Central Park, to name but a few.

5. Bruges

Sometimes known as the Venice of the North, Bruges is the largest city in the Flemish region of Belgium and a prominent World Heritage Site of UNESCO. The city is not a big one, but it makes up for that with its beauty. Bruges is one of the world’s best preserved medieval cities and is filled with wonderful canals, cobbled streets and gothic and baroque monuments. Bruges is a city to put on your list, if you are looking for something a bit more peaceful and relaxing.

6. Budapest

Budapest is a city split into two halves by the River Danube. Buda, is an old town on a hill filled with baroque and gothic monuments and the royal palace, and Pest is a mainly nineteenth century town with broad avenues and elegant buildings. The city boasts with some of the most remarkable architecture in the world as well as romantic, winding lanes to stroll through.

7. London

Another city that many visitors never leave enough time to see is the bustling cosmopolitan city of London. Hundreds of years of history sit, side by side, with some of the finest restaurants and shopping that there is in the world. You can visit the historical monument of the Tower of London, take a tour of Buckingham Palace, and finish off the day with a spectacular show in one of London’s famous West End theaters.

8. Los Angeles

If you love your celebrities and film stars, then Los Angeles is a must visit city for you. There’s plenty to see and do and you never know who you might bump into! Attractions include Hollywood, Redondo Beach, Bel Air and Beverly Hills, and there is a fantastic range of restaurants and of course a vibrant night life too.

9. Paris

The city of love and romance, Paris, without a doubt, is also a part of our list of top 10 cities to visit in the world, as it’s one of the most elegant and sophisticated of all the cities. The bridges, the monuments, the squares and the grand boulevards, Paris is a city that can take your breath away. Or take it easy and sit outside one of the many cafes or bars and just watch the Parisian world go by.

10. Kathmandu

And finally, for something a little more adventurous, Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, offers the traveller an experience to remember. Kathmandu is a very noisy, very busy city filled with sights and sounds that you will never find in any western city. From there, you can take flights over the Himalayas or go trekking in the foothills and, in the city itself, there are some fantastic ancient temples and monuments to be visited. Just be careful with your wallet and don’t drink the water!

What other places would you like to add to our list of top 10 cities to visit in the world? 

Stay happy!

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