10 Reasons To Visit Monaco

Monaco has been mythologised over the years. It’s a place for the rich and famous, where everyone is worth a zillion dollars. The sun always shines, the champagne always flows, while the Lamborghini’s get stuck in traffic alongside Maserati’s while helicopters buzz high above.

It’s easy, though, to dislike Monaco. We all know that so-called “tax avoiders” live here, while the royal family is certainly not to everyone’s cup of tea. And this is not to mention the bubble of entitlement and extravagance that exists here.

But if you’re looking for a heavenly retreat this year and quite fancy the idea of rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s richest people in a paradise-like principality, Monaco has got all the aces. It’s always sunny, always opulent, and there are plenty of things to do here.

And while there are probably a thousand reasons to visit Monaco, we’ve decided to whittle it down to just ten of the very best. Let’s take a look!

The Weather

Some people visit Iceland to see the northern lights but usually always find that it’s just so darn cold. Other people, meanwhile, visit Thailand but find that it’s just so darn hot.

Then you’ve got all the middle-of-the-road holiday destinations, such as Germany and the UK, where you’ve literally go no idea what the weather is going to do next. You could wake up at 9am to sunshine, only to get covered in snow by noon.

In Monaco, however, you can always count on it being sunny without being too hot or too cold. It’s reliable and it’s beautiful.

It’s So Easy To Get Here

There are so many “heavenly retreats” on this planet that are just so difficult to get to. You could step off an airplane nice and easily, only to then have to take a train, followed by a coach, followed by a donkey until you actually get to your villa.

Monaco, by contrast, is super easy to reach. You get off your plane at Nice International Airport before taking a 15 mile bus ride.

Alternatively, you could rent a car.

Or a helicopter.

The Casinos

Read the autobiography of any sixties or seventies rock star and you’ll surely read all about how much money they lost at the crap tables in Monaco.

But who really cares how much money you’re losing when you’re surrounded by such a gorgeous facade? Not to mention so many beautiful people!

(Okay, I care – just saying)

Monaco can’t rival Las Vegas when it comes to the sheer number of casinos, but it can definitely rival it when it comes to glitz and glamour. Designed by the world’s top architects, these casino’s are worth a visit even if you don’t gamble.


If you love to shop (and who doesn’t!?) you’ll be fresh at home in Monaco. Because while cities such as Paris, Berlin, New York and St Petersburg have got you covered when it comes to art galleries, museums and all that other culture vulture stuff, Monaco has got your back when it comes to luxury goods.

Monte-Carlo is home to a wealth of stunning shops and shopping locations. Here you will find the likes of Prada and Louis Vutton, as well as a whole host of others. It might be a small country (second smallest in the world), but even small countries can never have enough shoes, right?

It’s So Safe

So many tourist destinations nowadays are plagued with crime. Being pick-pocketed in a big city such as London is a real fear for many, but the great thing about Monaco is that crime pretty much doesn’t even exist.

Home to a sophisticated CCTV system and more police per citizens than anywhere else in the world, Monaco deters criminals like no other place.

You Can Rent A Super Car

Bet you can’t rent a super car for $500 in your hometown, can you? And even if you could, driving it through narrow streets on a wet day when everyone just wants to get to the grocery store before you isn’t the same as cruising through the sun-drenched asphalt of Monaco.

Yup, as the breeze gently wafts in your face and the sea coos at the beach, you can cooly drive around in a rented super car here in Monaco.

Why take in all the sights and sounds by foot when you can do it in a Ferrari?

The Marina

After you’ve shopped yourself silly, you’ll probably want to put your feet up and relax. What better place to do this than by the side of the marina?

Okay, so many countries have got marina’s. No big deal, right? But what makes Monaco’s marina stand out above all the others is he small fact that it’s got a plethora of multi-million $$$ yachts nestling in its still waters.

The dramatic cliffs are also a sight to see, too, and may help to soothe your mind once you realise just how much you’ve spent.

The Hotels

You won’t find any shoddy hostels here in Monaco, nor will you be posting a DVD to Holidays From Hell after your holiday is done, showing footage of peeling wallpaper, rat droppings and dodgy chefs.

Instead, you’ll be spending your time here wallowing in the luxury and opulence of these grand hotels that were built for king’s, queens – and you.

There are numerous different hotels here, dotting around in different locations. With 11 B&B’s in total, you might not think there is much to choose from, but it’s important that you book early. Some of the hotels are really small (just 40 rooms), while some are literally just steps from the beach.

The Sunrise Views

It depends which hotel you choose, but if you get the location just right, you could be waking up to the most awe-inspiring sunrise views this side of Iceland.

Wake up early, grab yourself a bottle of champagne, and enjoy the sweeping panorama as the sun slowly rises for another knockout day of splendour.

It Has A Great Nightlife

Monaco might only be small, but it still knows how to party like the best of ‘em.

The most famous and happening night club here in Monte Carlo is Jimm’z. George Clooney has partied here, as has Bono. Located on the Place du Casino, the drinks are no what you’d call cheap, but it’s well worth at least one visit if you wan to let your hair down.

Stay happy!

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