If You Love Food, Travel To These 10 Places

I’m a sucker for good food. I’ll try anything that’s different and which excites my tastebuds. I’ll eat Greek salads, Vietnamese noodles, Japanese soup, American French fries … anything and everything!

Apart from food, another big passion of mine is to travel. If you share these twin passions, you there are places you MUST visit for food.

I know that traveling can get expensive. Secondly, it’s also not easy to get the time off work. Thirdly, why visit Greece for a salad when you can just make one at home? Um, it’s not the same.

One of the reasons I love to visit countries for their cuisine is to get a taste of the real thing. It’s the way the locals prepare the food they know so well that makes it so special. They prepare it with love and finesse – and they know how to do it better than our us!

But it’s also the atmosphere and the settings that makes visiting countries for their food so great. Sitting next to calm, azure waters while you’re served an authentic Greek feta salad by a native on a small Greek island while the midmorning sun shines down on you? It’s what life is all about!

Moreover, the countries on this list also have lots to offer besides food: They have their unique culture, sights and points of interests, and much more besides.

But let’s face it, food it the main reason you’re here. If you love food, here are 10 places to choose from for your next destination!


For many people, good cuisine starts with Greek food. Here in Greece, there are actually numerous dishes you can try, from hot ones to those infamous salads.

But a key part of Greek cuisine are their sweets and soups, too.

Whatever it is, Greek food is always so rich, and so indulgent. At the same time, it can also be really cheap.

But it’s always traditional.

Perhaps Greece’s most famous dish is the souvlaki. This is a type of fast food that you should be able to find just about anywhere – bars, cafes, stores and even on the streets. It’s everywhere, even at house parties.

Oh, but also don’t forget to have the moussaka. Nobody makes their own dish better than the Greek’s themselves.


Whatever we all may think of the Ottoman Empire, there is no doubt that those guys knew how to cook. Most of today’s most popular Turkish dishes were created by the Ottoman’s, though there is also a European influence. Olive oil is key, while the most famous foods here are kofte and, of course, the kebab.

If you like your food spicy, Turkey is well worth checking out.


Italy! Of course Italy was going to be on this list. Pizza, pasta and sauces … you can’t beat it.

And, trust me, you’ve never had a truly great pizza until you go to Italy.

Italian’s like to make their food look like their flag – red, green and white. Think of it like this: You’ve got your greens (spinach), you’ve got your reds (tomatoes) and you’ve got your whites (cheese). All that’s left is your yellows, which usually comes in the form of pasta or pizza.

The Italian’s take great pride in preparing their food. Go to an authentic Italian restaurant for a fab dining experience.


Sure, you can get pancakes, waffles, donuts and coffee at home. But there’s nothing quite like savouring it all in an authentic midwestern American diner with lots of truckers.

American food isn’t necessarily the healthiest – but it tastes utterly amazing. I’m sitting here salivating just thinking about it.

Where’s my hamburger …


What I love about Pakistani food is how different it is to anything I’ve become accustomed to. Being an Islamic country, they generally overlook pork, which means the meat is usually chicken or beef. But their dishes are also filled with healthy vegetables, which flavourings come in the form of ginger, curry, chili powder, paprika, garlic, cinnamon and coriander.

Best Pakistani dishes include chicken tandoori, dhal, and raita, often served with a local bread called roti.


Wanna try sushi in the land of sushi? Then visit Japan!

Japan is an awesome place to visit, but perhaps the thing we all love about the land of the rising sun is its cuisine. Boiled rice, grilled fish and Japanese salad are just parts of the many delights lovingly prepared here.


I’ve been to Vietnam twice so far. Like all the countries on this list, it’s a place you can visit for many reasons – the food is just a bonus.

A very good bonus!

The Vietnamese might not typically cook what you’d call “hearty dishes”, but their meals are super healthy. Generally, they cook with basil, shrimp paste, herbs, fish sauce, fruit an veg and, of course, rice.

Vietnam stands out from most other Asian countries by virtue of the fact that the food here is so healthy.

Oh, and Vietnamese pancakes are just out of this world. Yummy!


Indian’s love their food, and they love to cook. What the locals eat typically depends on their religion. If you have no religious affiliation, you’re free to choose whatever you want. Go crazy!

(though you might not want to go too crazy – things do get hot!!)


If you like rice, you’ll love Thai food. The locals here add rice to pretty much every single dish – which isn’t exactly a bad thing by the way.

In fact, translated literally, the word “food” actually means “to eat rice”!

However, that doesn’t mean that Thai food is all essentially the same. In fact, Thai rice has at least five different main tastes. The five tastes are:

  • Savoury fish sauce
  • Sweetness
  • Salt
  • Hot chili
  • Sour lime

Top dishes you should try in Thailand include the soup Tom Yam Goong, a spicy green salad called Som Tam, and a noodle-based dish called Pad Thai.


Donald Trump may or may not be fond of Mexican food. But if you’ve tried Mexican food and love it, visiting this sensuous country is well worth it.

Don’t forget to eat a huevos rancheros if you’re hungover – it’s the best cure!

Stay happy!

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