10 Wonderful reasons to visit Thailand  

Thailand is an amazing vacation destination; it has sunshine, all year round, amazing beaches and a fascinating culture to learn about too. Although some people have been deterred from visiting Thailand, because of the military coup in 2014, Thailand is a largely peaceful country and tourism remains its biggest industry. So, if you fancy a taste of the orient, here are ten wonderful reasons to visit Thailand.

1. The beaches

With warm crystal clear water, stunning views, amazing marine life, and miles and miles of beautiful soft sand, Thailand has some of the best beaches in the world. Whether you are looking for a quiet, secluded spot to relax by the sea or partying all night long is more your scene, Thailand’s beaches have something to offer everyone.

2. The food

If you think that the Thai food that you get in your own country is delicious, you will be amazed when you get to Thailand; the food is simply out of this world! You’ll find all your favourites like curries and noodles and a whole lot more too. You’ll be amazed at the price too; you can buy fantastic food for a fraction of the price that you’d pay at home.

3. The value for money

Your money will go a long way in Thailand and all budgets are catered for. There are hotels and resorts that range from five stars to budget, and in all of them you will find far more luxury for your money than you ever expected.

4. The shopping

If you like shopping in markets, then you will love shopping in Thailand. You can find anything in a Thai market: shoes, made to measure clothes, phones, leather goods, you name it and it’s there, and, at unbelievably low prices. If you prefer to shop in a mall, then Bangkok has some the best in the world.

5. The nightlife

There are plenty of bars and nightclubs in Thailand too, so you will never be far from a party. Thailand is famous for its nightlife and, don’t worry about what you might have heard, not all the clubs are filled with scantily clad girls.

6. The people

The people of Thailand are genuine and friendly and that is why they call Thailand, the land of smiles. Like everywhere, there are people who might try and scam you, but mostly the people are open, honest and friendly.

7. The culture

The predominant religion in Thailand is Buddhism, which has influenced everything in Thai life, from the architecture to how people behave. It makes a visit to Thailand a fascinating experience and it also provides some amazing Buddhist temples to visit.

8. The diving

Thailand is also a fantastic country to try your hand at scuba diving. The crystal clear waters off the Thai coast are perfect for getting a good view of beautiful coral and a huge variety of tropical fish. You might even get to see some dolphins or turtles too.

9. The adventure

Thailand has plenty to offer the adventurous traveller too. You can go white water rafting, trekking through the jungle, rock climbing, ride an elephant, and much more beside. Thailand is an excellent destination for the adventurous and, whatever you chose to do, you will be surrounded by amazing scenery, while you do it as well.

10. The colour

One of the first things that visitors to Thailand notice is the incredible display of dazzling colours. The taxis in Bangkok are bright pink, the dresses that the Thai women wear are an elaborate display of colour and even the blue of the sea will stun you. The whole country seems to be alive with colour and it makes Thailand one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Do you know some other reasons to visit Thailand?

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