10 Useful Germany travel tips

Germany is famous for its bustling cities like Hamburg and Berlin, the sprawling countryside of Bavaria, beautiful castles and fantastic festivals. The country is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations, so if you will be travelling to Germany this year, here are some useful tips that you might need to know, while travelling in Germany:

1. Make sure you have cash with you

When you go out in Germany, makes sure you take cash with you, because many restaurants and shops don’t take cards.

2. Always be on time

Another one of important Germany travel tips is – try to always be on time. What you have heard about German punctuality is not entirely a myth. It is considered very rude to be late in Germany, so always make sure you turn up on time. If you are meeting with German friends and you know you will come late then call them, to let them know.

3. Germany can get cold

Here is another one of useful Germany travel tips – pack some warm clothes for your visit to Germany, especially, if you are travelling between October and April, then you need to make sure that you have coats, scarfs and hats in your suitcase.

4. Shake hands when you meet people

It is normal to shake hands with people that you are introduced to in Germany, including the women and children. It’s considered very impolite not to.

5. Don’t miss Oktoberfest!

One of the most iconic of German traditions is the world famous annual beer festival, Oktoberfest. The main festival is held in Munich, but there are celebrations held throughout Bavaria. Over six million people a year visit Bavaria for the festival where they enjoy the brass bands, the food and, of course, the beer.

6. Transportation

The German public transport system is one of the best that there is in Europe, so you will have no trouble in getting around. If you are travelling by train though, be aware that the high speed trains can be quite expensive and that you probably could travel cheaper by buying a ticket for slower train.

7. Tipping etiquette

In German restaurants, you will generally find that service has been added to your bill. It is still customary, though to add a tip, of around 5% to 10%, by rounding the amount up to a whole Euro amount.

8. Don’t cross a road on a red light

Next Germany travel tip is to obey all the pedestrian signals when crossing a road. If you cross when the red light is showing, not only you will get disapproving looks and comments from the locals, you are also likely to get a fine.

9. Try the street food

Another one of good Germany travel tips is to try the street food. You will find plenty of street vendors in Germany and the food is delicious and cheap. You should definitely try some German sausage, while you are there, and you can also find some fantastic Middle Eastern and Turkish food sellers as well.

10. Learn some of the language

Many Germans are fluent in English, but it is only polite to learn a few German phrases, at least please and thank you. Two other phrases that are useful and polite to use are: ‘Guten Tag’, which means ‘hello’ and ‘Guten Appetit’, which means ‘good appetite’, and is said before eating a meal.

What are your favorite Germany travel tips?

Stay happy!

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