10 Travel Packing Hacks You Need To Know About

Few of us like to pack before a holiday. It’s probably the most important part of the gig, but everyone’s least favourite. Many of us leave packing our suitcases until the night before, and then get stressed out when we realise that we can’t squeeze everything we’d like into our bags.

Do you opt for the little black dress and leave the nice flowery summery dress at home, or vice versa?

Other important questions arise, such as where in the heck is our sun tan lotion and why can’t we find our socks! Oh no!

But besides preparing to pack, there are other packing nightmares left waiting for you when you arrive at your hotel and unpack your bags: Leaky shampoo bottles have coated your essentials with liquid, while your jewellery has turned into a tangled mess.

Yup, you did the old trick at midnight the night before your flight: You stuffed everything into your suitcase without a care for the consequences! Hey, it was late and you were in a rush!

If you’re sick and fed up of your holiday getting off to a bad start because of your packing etiquette, let’s take a look at the top 10 travel packing hacks you need to know about.

Roll Your Clothes To Save On Space

Perhaps the biggest problem when it comes to packing is a real lack of space. If you’ve only got one or two suitcases, you’re going to struggle to cram in everything you’d really like.

This means going through your wardrobe and deciding which of your clothes to leave at home. A task no self-respecting fashionista wants to do.

You know you’ll regret it when you arrive on the beach without your white bikini. Drat.

Creating a bit more space in your bags is easy, though; you just need to roll up your clothes! This will not only create more room, but it will also prevent your clothes from creasing.

How To Keep Your Necklaces Separated

We know how it goes: You’re preparing to pack your necklaces when your boyfriend enters the room and tells you to stop.

“Don’t you remember what happened last time? We spent hours trying to untangle them all. Things got so bad I had to ask the bell boy to help.”

You sigh and admit defeat. You’re going to have to leave your favourite necklaces at home.

There is a solution to this problem: Pack as many straws as you have necklaces and slip your jewellery into the straws. This will keep them all safe – and separate!

Pin Earrings To Buttons

We’ve all been there: Desperately hunting down a pair of earrings, digging our claws into the very bottom of our suitcases but ultimately finding nothing.

Where on earth has it gone?

Meanwhile, your boyfriend checks his watch. He really wants to hit the beach.

To stop this from ever happening again, try his hack: Pack as many buttons as you have earrings (single earrings, not pairs) and pin your earrings to a button.

In this way, all you’ve gotta do is hunt down your buttons – which will be super easy, especially if they’re bright an colourful!

Stuff Your Shoes 

If you’re looking for a bit of extra space but are on the point of admitting defeat, perhaps it’s time to be a little bit more creative.

Shoes, for example, offer extra room. They’ve got a gigantic hole in them that is begging to be filled up with stuff!

The trick is to fill your shoes with items that won’t spill or burst.

How To Waterproof Your Bag

Even if you’re flying off to a supposedly sunny destination, you can’t guarantee that the weather is going to be nice and dry when you step out of the airport.

And if it’s raining, your bags are going to get wet. Which means their contents are going to get wet, too.

To ensure that your clothes stay nice and dry, line your suitcase with water-resistant items; for example, you could put a pair of wellington boots on the top and your waterproof coat on the bottom.

Bring Tissue Paper

No, I’m not suggesting that you will need extra tissue people in case you catch a terrible disease in your holiday destination. What I am saying is that you should wrap tissue paper around your clothes.

Why? Because it’s a guaranteed way of keeping wrinkles at bay.

Let’s face it, wrinkles happen when we stuff clothes into a suitcase. I remember as a child on holiday in Portugal; it’s 6PM in the late afternoon and my mom was ironing our evening clothes. It’s not something you want to do on holiday!

Bring Your Glasses Case With You

I wear glasses but I can’t tell you the last time I laid eyes on my glasses case – until my friend told me about a great travel packing hack, that is.

While you’re wearing your glasses, your case is just kicking its heels doing nothing.

But think about it: This case represents an excellent storage space. When you go on holiday, you can use it to store important cables, such as your phone charger or even your headphones.

You’ll never misplace them because you’ll know exactly where they are.

Unless your boyfriend gets too drunk and slips them in a beer glass or something.

Taking Soap? Try This …

Not everyone packs soap for a holiday – but I do, and I know lots of others who do.

The problem with packing a bar of soap – especially one that has been opened – is that it’s really hard to store.

Moreover, packing it with other items means its smell rubs off on everything else.

So what do you do? You fold it up in a wash cloth, of course! D’oh!

How To Prevent Headphones From Tangling

Most of us pack a pair of headphones for our holidays these days, but most of us always complain that they tangle really easily.

To prevent your headphones from tangling, wrap them around a binder clip.

Simple but so effective.

Keep Your Hair Clips Safe

As much as it’s annoying when your earrings go missing in the depths of your suitcase, it’s just as frustrating when your hair clips get lost in the abyss.

To make sure this never happens again, you can store your hair clips in an old Tic Tac container.

Breathtaking in its simplicity. Bet you wish you’d have thought of it sooner!

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