10 Things that only people who travel alone will understand

Family vacations, romantic getaways over the weekend…we’ve all been there and most of us are too comfortable with this to try something new – travelling solo. But those who have dared to go beyond the family vacation or have sort of had to, for lack of family to go on a vacation with, can tell you surprising things that will make travelling alone very attractive. Here are ten of these:

1. The freedom

You can go to the museums and attractions that you want to see, not wait around for a consensus to be reached by the whole group. Or you can just forget about attractions and take a stroll through town and you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone.

2. The silence 

You cannot even begin to realise the constant noise environment that we exist in until you go somewhere quiet, on your own. Being alone with only some beautiful scenery and your own thoughts for company can be a great anti-stress therapy, to say the least.

3. The new people

Solo travellers say that it’s much easier to meet new people when you’re on your own, and they don’t mean romantic encounters specifically. It’s actually understandable – when you’re alone and free to make your own decisions for the duration of your trip, you can use every opportunity to get in touch with the local culture, including the people.

4. The challenge

Travelling alone, especially if you’re doing it for the first time, is a challenge, more so for women – there are still places on Earth when a woman travelling by herself would raise an eyebrow or spark comments. But this challenge can do wonders for your self-confidence, and it can help you grow.

5. The peace

When you travel in a group, there are bound to be arguments because different people always want different things. When you travel on your own, there’s no one to argue with, no drama, and no strained nerves.

6. The self-discovery

When you’re alone for a longer stretch of time, you get more introspective since there’s nothing to distract you. Introspection can lead to finding out things about you that you didn’t even suspect, and that’s a definitely fascinating thing.

7. The new friendships 

Meeting new people is one thing. Making friends with some of them is another, it’s one step further. In our connected world, long-distance relationships are something usual already, so you’ll be able to enjoy each other’s company. We’re not going into romantic waters but that’s also a possibility.

8. The healing effect

Having read about the peace and self-discovery that solo travelling induces, you’d hardly be surprised to learn that it has a positive effect on people suffering from mild depression. Funny as it may sound, spending time alone can even protect you from depression.

9. The deal 

Travelling alone tends to be cheaper than travelling with your family or in a group. Well, yeah, in case of family vacations that’s easy to guess, but even with a group of friends you tend to spend more than if you were on your own. It’s because of those consensuses again.

10. The comfort

When you’re travelling solo, it’s much easier to book tickets and tables – theatres and restaurants can much more easily accommodate a single person than a whole group. Plus, it’s also faster, from airport check-in to hotel accommodation.

Solo travel doesn’t seem to have any disadvantages. What do you think?

Stay happy!

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