10 Spain travel tips you need to know about

If you are planning a trip to sunny Spain this summer, then the best way to see the real Spain is to get off the regular tourist spots and get out into the countryside. Spain is a truly beautiful and welcoming country, so here are some travel tips to help you get the most out of your visit to Spain.

1. Take your own toilet paper!
For whatever reason, when travelling through Spain, you will find that many of the public toilets are not stocked up with toilet paper. Don’t get caught out, put a supply of toilet tissue in your bag before you go out.

2. Be prepared for siesta time

While siesta time is not the big deal in Spain that is used to be, the afternoon break is still taken seriously. Most of the big stores in the cities and large towns will stay open, but you will find bars and restaurants closed from about 2.00pm to 5.00pm.

3. Cash and credit cards

Credit and debit cards are widely accepted in Spain, but you may experience problems with traveller’s cheques. Be aware too, that many banks close at 2.00pm, so if you want to cash cheques, go to the bank in the morning. Another thing to be aware of is that you are often asked to produce a photo ID when using a card.

4. Be ready for the noise!

The Spanish people love to be outdoors and they love to enjoy themselves. Don’t be surprised to find people in the streets and sitting on terraces having a great time, late into the night and don’t expect them to keep the noise down!

5. Be careful crossing the street

The streets of Spain are generally very safe and motorists are courteous. Most people obey traffic signals, so crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing, where the pedestrian has the right of way, if safe to do. But you should still take care though, and make sure that cars have stopped, before you begin to cross.

6. Ask when you want service

When you are in a bar, standing politely and waiting to get served won’t get you very far. You need to be politely assertive and ask for what you want or you will be in danger of being ignored.

7. Spring and fall are the best times to travel to Spain

Mid-summer in Spain can be very hot and sticky, especially, in the larger towns and cities. It is also the busiest time of the year for visiting tourists, so the best time of year to visit Spain is the spring or the fall, when the weather is still good, but not too hot.

8. Definitely try the tapas

Another one of useful Spain travel tips is to definitely try the tapas. Many people say that the best thing to have come out of Spain is the Tapas. You can sit in a bar and enjoy a never ending array of wonderful food and still have room for more. Tapas, is definitely an experience not to be missed when you visit Spain.

9. Spain is a big country

To really enjoy Spain, you need to get away from the tourist traps. Unfortunately, many of the main tourist areas are filled with English fish and chip restaurants and American burger bars, so you need to travel to see the real Spain. Do be aware though that Spain is a big country and you won’t be able to see Spain in a week.

10. Driving in Spain

Car hire in Spain is relatively cheap and the roads are safe. It’s best is to hire a car from one of the big, well known, international companies and be aware too, that you will need an international driving licence.

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