10 Reasons why traveling is a good addiction

There are many things that you could get addicted to, but one addiction that will do you no harm at all, is an addiction to travel. Experiencing other cultures and other lifestyles is just a part of the attraction of travel. Through travel, you can also learn a lot about yourself. Travel is probably one of the most enriching and exciting adventures that most of us enjoy, so let’s take look at just why traveling is a good addiction to have.

1. You become more tolerant of other people

If more people were addicted to travel, then perhaps the whole world would be a more peaceful place. When you travel, you can be surprised at just how similar all human beings really are. Some people have different religions, they live different lifestyles, and they have different skin colours. When you get addicted to travel, you find out that, despite all these differences, underneath the skin, we are all the same.

2. You become a much more confident person

When you travel a lot, things will invariably sometimes go wrong. You will miss a flight, you will get off a train at the wrong stop, or you will get lost in a strange city. It’s then that you find that you can cope with far more than you ever thought possible, and you also will find that you have strengths that you never knew you had. Finding out that you can cope with these difficult situations gives you a sense of self-confidence that the non-traveller simply could never understand.

3. You get to eat some amazing food!

The addicted traveller gets to taste food they never even knew existed! Every country has their own speciality and delicacies and you get to try them all. Chewing on chicken feet in China, or downing a snail in France, might not be everyone’s idea of food heaven, but at least you will be able to say you have given it a go!

4. You learn how to make new friends

When you travel you meet and make friends with your fellow travellers, as well as the local people at each of your destinations. You find that they are just as interested in you, and where you come from, as you are interested in them. You get to meet hundreds of new and interesting people, and you also learn how easy it is to make new friends.

5. You learn how to be more adaptable

The addicted traveller learns that even the best made plans can sometimes go wrong. When you are faced with a cancelled flight or a fully booked hotel, you learn how to stand on your feet and to adapt your plans as you need to. The excitement of the unexpected is all a part of the travelling experience.

6. It makes you appreciate the things that you have

Inevitably, the addicted traveller will travel countries where people are poorer than people are at home, and that can make you realise just how lucky you are. Travelling can teach you a sense of gratitude for what you have and help you put your own problems into a more realistic perspective.

7. It makes you a better planner and organiser

People who travel extensively have to become good at planning and organising too. Although the romantic view of travelling would have you believe that you can just get up and go, the addicted traveller knows that you still need to get to the check in desk on time and have somewhere to stay when you arrive at your destination!

8. It makes you a far more interesting person

You will never be short of a story to tell when you travel a lot. You will have been places that other people have never been, met people that have told you their incredible stories, and you will have seen sights that others have only seen on TV. You will never find yourself lost for something to say again!

9. You won’t be afraid of talking to strangers

A lot of people find it hard to approach strangers and to trust people that they don’t know. Even if you are not travelling alone, you will still need to ask strangers for directions sometimes, and maybe even ask for help. What travelling teaches you is that most people in the world are perfectly nice and friendly, and it’s only the very few that you cannot trust.

10. You will never regret becoming a travel addict

Getting hooked on travel is not something that you will ever look back on with regret; it’s something that you will always be proud to have achieved. If you do get the chance to travel, then grab it with both hands. It can be scary and it can push you outside of your comfort zone, but that’s a small price to pay for the experience of a lifetime.

Stay happy!

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