10 Of The Most Expensive Holiday Destinations

Naturally, there are numerous top holiday destinations around the world. Some are more sought-after than others; some are well-known for being tourist traps (Benidorm), while others offer an idyllic escape where you can lap up the sunshine in private with your boo.

Exploring new places helps us to forget all about our life of familiarity and mundanity for a while, giving us the chance to discover new cultures and generally understand and appreciate more about the miracle of nature. You could literally close your eyes and press down on anywhere on the world map and find an adventure.

Unless, that is, you have enough money to burn so that you can actually handpick a really expensive holiday destination. If so, you’re probably going to want to jet off to a place where you can spend money without a second thought while the rest of us have to put up with Benidorm (yet again). If you’ve got enough money for an expensive holiday this time around, or if you’re just a little bit curious to discover just what are the world’s most priciest holidays, here is a list of the top 10.


When people think of Fiji, they tend to think of it as just one island. But it isn’t; it’s actually comprised of a stunning 332 islands!!

Indeed, Fiji has grown to become known as one of the top holiday destinations in the South Pacific. It’s also one of the most exclusive, which adds to its price. Now regarded as a tranquil island retreat that offers privacy, sunshine and godlike nature, it’s known for its natural beauty and isolation.

Thanks to all these attributes, a holiday in Fiji is going to cost you a pretty penny. While the main islands are not too pricey, the prices do shoot up for the smaller islands that tend to be owned by private companies and individuals. Some charge $600 for just one night – and this is a starter price.

Musha Cay, The Bahamas

Musha Cay is actually part of the Islands of Copperfield Bay, which, yes, take their name from the magician, David Copperfield.

Here you will find an exquisite collection of some 11 heavenly islands.

Unfortunately, you can’t rent a villa or a hotel room; instead, you have to rent the entire island. For a daily rate of $38,000, you can bring 24 people with you to stay in 5 guesthouses.

British Virgin Islands

If you’ve been following the news recently, you probably know that a lot of people like to use the British Virgin Islands as an off-shore tax haven. But as well as being a great place to hide your income, these islands are always a wealthy Brit’s playground.

Famed entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson has a villa here, while the island of Guana – which has no public access – is so exclusive that only 30 guests can stay here at any one time. It is home to chalky white beaches, tennis courts, and 895 acres of land. People pay around $700 for one night here, although you would be expected to part with a lot more money if you rent a villa during the peak season.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a small French island located in the French Polynesia which has become infamous for burning holes in everyone’s pockets. It’s certainly a beautiful island that offers a gorgeous, peaceful experience, but you will need to fork out at least $800 per night in order to stay here.

It’s also not easy to get to. Located in the heart of the South Pacific, flights are not what you’d call cheap, but if you’ve got the cash you could soon be rubbing shoulders with the political and business elite, as well as A-list celebrities.

There are a number of islands in the French Polynesia, Bora Bora being the most famous – but also the most expensive.

Cocoa Island, Maldives

The Maldives are actually slowly sinking, which probably adds to their expensive price tag. After all, you’ve gotta be a rich individual to be able to say you once holidayed on a now extinct island, right?

Here in paradise, you can snorkel, scuba, and fish, with rates starting from around $750 per night.


Yet another island, Seychelles is similar to Fiji in that it is made up of several islands rather than just one. Found just off the coastline of Africa, Seychelles is a but a dot on the world map – but a very beautiful dot.

Perhaps the most exquisite of its islands is Fregate, which is also its most expensive. A private resort lined with 17 classy villas that boast stunning ocean views, jacuzzis and pools, it also comes with a jungle and seven sun-kissed beaches.

Villas are not cheap, though, and you can’t rent for just one day. Minimum stay is 3 days, with rates starting out at around $3,000.

Dunton Hot Springs

Dunton Hot Springs is actually a mining town located in a valley. If that doesn’t sound like much, you might be really intrigued to learnt that staying here for a week will set you back around $150,000.

Why? Because you’re practically hiring a whole ghost town, complete with an original saloon, and wood cabins.

Oh, and Butch Cassidy also scrawled his name on the bar here.

Chalet N, Austria

Chalet N is “just” a chalet located in Oberlech, Austria. But it’s also bullet proof, has gorgeous views of the alps and a spa.

And it will cost you around $400,000 for a week’s stay.


Tuscany is well known for its exclusivity, so much so that hit U.S sitcom Seinfeld made an episode in which an arrogant maestro tries to stop people from visiting.

“There are no places left!”

But that’s the great thing about Tuscany – it attracts only peaceful, well-to-do people who are looking for a private, tranquil getaway.

It’s also not a destination everyone thinks about when they consider Italy. But far from Rome, Florence and Venice, Tuscany is home to archaic villas as opposed to traditional hotels, and it’s also home to fewer visitors.

It’s not too expensive either, and you can probably find a place to stay for a week for around $3,000.


It really depends whereabouts in Tokyo you stay, but certain rooms in certain hotels in this buzzing metropolis can set you back up to around $500 per night.

It’s a fantastic city, though, that is rich in futurism, art, culture and commerce.

What are your favourite holiday destinations?

Stay happy!

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