10 Must-know Thailand travel tips

Thailand is one of the most exciting vacation destinations in the world. It’s a bedazzling mixture of oriental culture, bright lights and fun. Even though Thailand has become a major attraction for tourists, there are still things about the country that will surprise you and that could catch you out. If you are about to embark on your first trip to Thailand, here are ten must-know travel tips that you should be aware of.

1. Watch out for the street food

There are so many places in Thailand where you can buy street food that you will be spoilt for choice. It’s usually amazingly cheap and very good. However, only buy food from vendors that appear to be busy; even if that means that you have to queue. Food hygiene may not be as high as it is at home, and you don’t want to get food poisoning while you are away.

2. People don’t queue in Thailand

The locals in Thailand don’t form orderly lines; they tend to form a crowd instead! So, you are going to need to get used to a bit of pushing and shoving to get where you want to be. If you stand politely and wait your turn, you are not going to get anywhere.

3. Visit an open air market

Taking a trip to one of the many open air markets in Thailand is something that everyone should do on a trip to there. You will find some amazing bargains, but don’t believe the labels on products because counterfeiting is rife. Also, don’t forget to haggle. You can expect to get at least a third off the first price that you are offered the first time around.

4. Eat off your spoon

Another one of useful Thailand travel tips is to eat only off your spoon, not your fork. When you are eating in Thailand, you don’t eat from your fork, because that is considered to be rude. You should use the fork to push food onto your spoon and then eat your food from the spoon.

5. Watch out for the scams

You will need to keep your wits about you in Thailand, because scamming the tourists seems to be a national pastime! Be wary of strangers who appear to be overly friendly and offer you unwanted advice and make sure you agree a price in a taxi before you set off and that taxi has a meter.

6. Be respectful of local customs

Another one of good Thailand travel tips is to be aware and respectful of local customs. To a Thai person, keeping face is very important, and losing your temper and shouting will get you absolutely nowhere. Be aware too that you should never touch a Thai person on the head, because the head is a sacred part of the body and you should never point the soles of your feet at anyone either.

7. Do use the public transport in Bangkok

The subway and light railway in Bangkok is a cheap and efficient way to get around. They are also very easy to use, with easy to understand maps and a great token system for paying your fare. Both are highly recommended.

8. Take insect repellent with you

Next one of useful Thailand travel tips is to take insect repellent with you. Mosquitos abound in Thailand and, if you don’t use insect repellent, you will get bitten. Use a strong spray repellent, both day and night, and spray some on your clothes too.

9. The people are really nice

Whilst we have said to watch out for scammers, by far the majority of people in Thailand are very nice, friendly and trustworthy. You will be absolutely stunned at how many smiling faces you will see in Thailand!

10. What to drink?

The wine in Thailand can be very expensive, because of local taxes, but the beer is cheap. Be careful of the local beers though, because they can be very high in alcohol content and don’t drink the tap water, drink bottled water instead.

What other Thailand travel tips would you like to add to our list?

Stay happy!

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