10 Must-know New York travel tips

New York, New York! It’s probably the most famous city in the world and, arguably, the most exciting. This is a city that every traveller should experience, at least, once in their lifetime, and here are ten New York travel tips to help the first time visitor to the big apple have the time of their life:

1. Take your walking shoes

The best way to see the city of New York is on your own two feet, so take a stout pair of walking shoes because you will need them. Jump on a bus or catch the subway and then walk around and explore. That way you will see far more of the city and meet some of the people too.

2. Tipping customs in New York

The customary amount for a tip in New York is around 15% to 20% and that applies to cabs, bartenders and waiting staff in restaurants. Check your bill in restaurants, though, because, they sometimes add the gratuity for you.

3. Try not to look like a tourist

Like in any big city, you have to stay alert in New York, but it is no more dangerous here than any other city. One tip though is to try and not make it too obvious that you are a tourist. The biggest giveaway to petty thieves, that you are not a New Yorker, is standing by one of the tourist attractions looking at a huge map of the city.

4. The best time to visit attractions is Tuesday to Saturday

The best days to see the New York City tourist attractions are Tuesday to Saturday. On Mondays and Sundays, some attractions close and there may not be guided tours at those that are open.

5. Plan your days, before you set out

New York is a big and busy city, so it’s best to have a plan in mind for each day. Work out, at least the night before, what you want to see and how you will get there. A bit planning will help ensure that you don’t waste a single moment in New York.

6. Go shopping on Fifth Avenue

You can’t get better than a trip down Fifth Avenue if it’s a bit of retail therapy you are looking for. Rub shoulders with the ladies who lunch, take breakfast at Tiffany’s or just spend a few hours window shopping.

7. Get a bird’s eye of view of the Big Apple

For an exhilarating experience of the view of New York that you will never forget you can book a helicopter tour of the city. There are many operators offering helicopter trips over the city and some of them start from as little, as a few hundred dollars.

8. Take in as many of the iconic landmarks as you can

There are so many famous landmarks in New York that it’s difficult to get around them all. There is, of course, the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and, there are plenty of fantastic museums to see too. A great way to save time and money at the attractions is to buy a New York City pass that gives you entry to most of them.

9. Don’t carry lots of cash

A brief note on your security and safety again: don’t carry lots of cash around with you, because you won’t need it. Waving around bundles of bills will only draw attention to you and all the major stores and restaurants take cards and so do most cabs anyway.

10. Get an MTA Metro Card

New York never sleeps and that includes the transport system. For getting around on public transport, it’s a good idea to get am MTA Metro card and then you can use that, whenever you want, on both the buses and the subways.

What are your favorite New York travel tips?

Stay happy!

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