10 Most beautiful cities in the world

Are you looking for some inspiration for vacation destinations this year? If it’s a city break that you are looking for, then you have plenty of choices, as there are so many wonderful cities, all around the world, for you to visit. Here are our top ten most beautiful cities in the world to help you choose your ideal city vacation this summer.

1. Rio de Janeiro

Rio is set in one of the most stunning locations in the world. If you stand at the top of Sugarloaf Mountain, the panoramic view of the great city nestled between, the green tropical landscape and the beautiful white sandy beaches will literally take your breath away. The city itself is one of the most vibrant in the world, and Rio should definitely be on everyone’s list the most beautiful cities in the world to visit.

2. Florence

The capital city of the Tuscany region of Italy, Florence is a city steeped in rich history and famous for its incredible architecture. It’s also one of the greatest, unspoiled cities in the world with a skyline filled with beautiful towers and domes, set against the backdrop of the Tuscany hills. Florence looks like something that came out of fairy-tale and there is plenty to do in the city as well, with its hundreds of wonderful museums and art galleries.

3. Venice

Many would say that Venice is actually the number one most beautiful city in the world. It seems like every building that you see in Venice is a work of art and the beauty of the place is made even greater by its wonderful canals. Venice is truly a uniquely romantic and beautiful city, and well deserving of a place on our list the top ten most beautiful cities in the world.

4. Istanbul

Istanbul is the magical city where east meets west. The beauty of Istanbul is not restricted to just its amazing architecture, it’s the also the amazing cultural experience that Istanbul provides. When you walk down and Istanbul street, you can see history unfolding before you. Wonderful churches, mosques and other incredible buildings seem to appear out of nowhere, as you walk around every corner.

5. Budapest

Budapest is the gem of a city that consists of two towns, Buda and Pest, which sit either side of the Danube River. Buda, which is set on a hill, is filled with gothic and baroque monuments and is also where you will find the stunning Royal Palace. On the other side of the river is Pest, with its wonderfully romantic lanes in the old town and elegant neo-Renaissance buildings.

6. Paris

Paris is definitely on of the most beautiful cities in the world. Sit at a café table in Paris for a while and watch the world go by and it won’t be long before you fall in love with the romance and the splendour of this wonderful city. The city of lights is one of the most sophisticated, elegant and beautiful cities in the world. Home, of course, to the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Champs-Elysèes, Paris is a city that everyone should visit, at least, once in their life.

7. Prague

With a history of over 1,000 years, Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic and is known as the city of spires. The city is filled with beautifully preserved buildings and monuments for just about every period in history. Walk down the many cobbled streets and hidden alleyways, discover the hidden beauty of Prague, or stand on the famous Charles Bridge and admire the many spires that rise above the Prague skyline. Prague is a city that will delight and enchant you, every time.

8. New York

New York may not be the most beautiful city in the conventional sense of the words, but the amazing skyline of Manhattan will still take your breath away. The city of New York is really a treat for all the senses. Busy, manic and noisy, but it has a beauty that has defined the shape of many other modern cities, all around the world.

9. Rome

Next city in our list of most beautiful cities in the world is Rome. It is the home of art, culture and history. Sitting across seven hills, Rome has some of the most classical architecture and monuments in the world. With some 3,500 years of history, Rome is filled with historical gems like the Coliseum and the Pantheon, but don’t neglect to visit some of the, off the beaten track, piazzas and narrow winding streets that are the hidden beauty of Rome.

10. Amsterdam

One of the most picturesque cities in the world, Amsterdam is a city that was made to wander in. Across every bridge and down every single lane, you will find something new. The city has been maintained beautifully and the buildings that line the many canals, whether they are now offices or homes, still all look stunning. The city is simply charming and wherever you find yourself, there will probably be a café to sit down, relax and take it all in.

What are your favorite most beautiful cities in the world?

Stay happy!

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