10 Greece travel tips

Forget all the doom and gloom about the economy of Greece, business is flourishing as usual in the Greek tourist industry, and Greece has plenty of blue skies, warm seas and loads of ancient history for the traveller to enjoy. So, if Greece is on your travel itinerary for this year, here are some invaluable travel trips for you.

1. Don’t be in too much of a rush

The people of Greece tend to take a fairly laid back attitude to life, so don’t expect things to get done in a hurry. Relax and enjoy yourself, because, if someone says it will take thirty minutes, it will probably take at least an hour.

2. Travel by train, it’s less expensive

Travelling around the country by train is cheap and the trains are relatively comfortable and modern. The people, who manage the railways, however, are pretty laid back, so expect more than the occasional delay.

3. Get off the beaten track

Don’t just follow the usual visit of tourist traps, it is well worth getting off the beaten track as well. Greece is literally littered with gems, like hidden coves and ancient monuments, and it’s such a beautiful country, it would be a shame to see nothing but the crowds.

4. Pay by cash to get discounts

There are plenty of ATM’s in Greece and it is best to pay in restaurants and shops with cash, because they will sometimes charge you extra for using a card.

5. Don’t wait in line too long

Don’t stand in line, being polite, for too long, or you will get nowhere! Greeks hate queuing and push themselves to the front. You will have to do the same, if you want to get any service.

6. Be sensitive to the culture

The primary religion in Greece is orthodox Christian and many Greeks, especially the older ones, take their religion very seriously. You will see a lot of roadside shrines and people signing the cross. It is only polite to respect the culture and show respect to churches and shrines, as you travel.

7. Greece is safe

Greece is one of the safest countries in Europe and is perfectly safe for a woman travelling alone. Normal common sense precautions should be taken, of course, but generally the crime rate is very low indeed.

8. Don’t be put off by warm food

Greek food isn’t always served piping hot, so don’t send food back if it’s only warm. It’s not a sign that it’s not cooked properly; it’s just the way that some dishes are served.

9. English is widely spoken

Learning a few basic words of Greek is only polite, but most of the people that you will come into contact with in Greece will speak English. Even away from the hotels and tourist attractions, it is quite surprising how many people do speak fluent English.

10. Don’t start a debate

Greece is the birthplace of democracy and the Greeks love having a debate. If you need direction, ask someone who is on their own. If you ask a group of people, each will have their own different opinion and their own set of directions and, half an hour later, you will be even more confused than when you started!

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