10 Convincing reasons to visit Singapore at least once

The sovereign city state of Singapore has been picked by Lonely Planet as the world’s top destination to visit in 2015, and there are plenty of reasons why. Singapore is clean, green and safe and it has beaches, great shopping and fantastic food too. If you are looking for an exotic holiday destination for 2015, then take a look at these ten reasons why Singapore should be on the top of your list of places to visit.

1. The superb shopping

Singapore is a shopper’s paradise. The shopping scene in Singapore has exploded in recent years and is not just confined to the malls of Orchard Road, though that alone could keep you busy for days at a time. There are now also many small boutiques and markets that have sprung up, where you can find some great bargains.

2. The fantastic food

The food in Singapore is an incredible fusion of Indian, Chinese, Indonesian and Malaysian, as well as western styles of cooking too. Whatever your budget, there will be some new culinary delight for you to discover and food outlets range from celebrity chef restaurants to amazing value for money street vendors.

3. Getting around is easy

Singapore has one of the most modern and efficient public transport systems in the world, so you will have no problem in getting around. It’s cheap too, you can buy a tourist E-Z pass for around $7 per day and that will give you unlimited travel on Singapore transit systems and buses.

4. You can take a ride on the Singapore Flyer

You can get a breathtaking view of the city atop one of the largest Ferris wheels in the word, the Singapore Flyer. It’s a giant observation wheel that is 165 metres tall and it gives you a truly spectacular view of the city at night from one of its air conditioned capsules.

5. 2015 will be one big party in Singapore

Singapore celebrates the 50th anniversary of its independence in 2015, so there will be a lot going on this year. The biggest event will be the National Day parade on the 9th of August but there will be something going on, all year round, as Singapore celebrates its Golden anniversary.

6. Singapore is green, clean and safe

Many people consider Singapore to be the safest city on the planet, and you certainly can’t get much cleaner. It is also one of the greenest cities in the world, it has a strict regulation as to how many motor vehicles are allowed on the island and every effort is made to keep the city clean. Be warned though, the ban on spitting, smoking and littering in public places is very strictly enforced.

7. Great hotels

New, swanky hotels are opening all the time in Singapore and the country is renowned for its hospitality. The luxury and the opulence of the top hotels are out of this world and even the budget hotels are amazing. One of the best known hotels in Singapore is the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, which has 55 floors of pure luxury.

8. The casinos

If you fancy a flutter, then you’ll love Singapore, because it is now regarded by many to be the second largest gambling hub in the world. Several major casino resorts have been built in recent years and Singapore is fast becoming the Las Vegas of Asia.

9. The art and the culture

If gambling is not your scene, Singapore also has a thriving arts and entertainment sector. The city has made a major investment in museums, galleries and other arts venues and it is packed with festivals and events.

10. Everyone speaks English

You won’t have any trouble with language in Singapore if you are an English speaker. The government of Singapore actually encourages their citizens to speak good English and all the road signs are in English too; just one more reason why Singapore is definitely a place that everyone should visit, at least once in their lives.

Do you have some other reasons to visit Singapore?

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