10 Clever ideas on how to make money while traveling the world

Seeing the world is something that many people dream of doing. But then, when you add up the cost of airfares, hotels and taking time off work and, for most people, taking a two week vacation every year is about all that is affordable. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous though, it is perfectly possible to work your way around the world, earning your keep as you go. If the idea of dropping everything and traveling the world appeals to you, then here are ten ideas on how you can make money, at the same time:

1. Work form ‘home’, anywhere in the world

More and more people are now working from home, because we now have fast internet connections which, in some jobs, are making the daily trek to the office unnecessary. If you are doing this, then what’s to say that your home can’t be in Mozambique this month and Nepal the next? Pretty much every major city in the world now has good internet. But, be aware though, that some country’s internet connections are more reliable than others.

2. Be a freelance tour guide

Another tip on how to make money while traveling is to become a freelance tour guide. There are two ways of becoming a tour guide: you can either freelance, or you can work for a tour company. Working on a contract for a company will obviously give you more security, but many people do work as a freelance and that gives you far more flexibility in where you travel.

3. How to make money while traveling? Become an airplane flight attendant

One great option that provides you with security and travel is being a flight attendant. You get a reasonable wage, the hours are pretty good and you get to travel the world as you work. Flight attendants also get incredible travel benefits for their own independent traveling too.

4. Become a freelance blogger

Make money blogging. There are many opportunities to make money online, while you travel and freelance blogging is just one of them. If you love writing, then freelance blogging will hardly seem like a job at all and, you can do it anywhere and it can be a lucrative full time business too.

5. Sell pictures of your adventures and travels 

Next tip on how to make money while traveling is to become a travel photographer. Buy a decent camera and you will be able to sell photos of your adventure too. You can sell your pictures on stock photo websites, sell them to travel companies and magazines or, even set up your own website to sell your images.

6. Teach your native language

Another idea on how to make money while traveling is to teach your native language. Many countries have plenty of openings for English, French, Spanish or Italian teachers and, more often than not, the only requirement is that you are a native speaker. For some added security, you can apply for language teaching jobs, before you travel. Just search online; there are plenty of opportunities!

7. Work on a cruise liner

With reasonable pay, all expenses paid and free travel, cruise liner work is another good idea on how to make money while traveling the world. The hours are quite long though, and the pay is not brilliant, but you will get to meet some great people along the way!

8. Try online ‘micro jobs’

Another online opportunity is working for sites like Fiverr.com. On Fiverr.com, you can advertise to complete small jobs for people for a starting price of $5. The services that you offer can be anything: drawing, singling, posting to somebody’s Facebook page, creating YouTube videos, in fact, pretty much anything, so long as it’s not illegal!

9. Take seasonal jobs

If you are not afraid of a bit of hard work and of working outdoors, then there is always seasonal work available on farms and in orchards. Some people bounce around the world, following the harvest seasons in different countries, and fund their travel through this type of work.

10. Mix and match

There are many more opportunities to make money while traveling than we can list here and, probably the best advice is to, not put all your eggs into one basket, but to have a variety of different sources of income while you travel. You would also be well advised to have a ‘get home quick’ fund, stashed safely away should you ever need it.

How to make money while traveling? What are your best tips?

Stay happy!

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