10 Fabulous Places To Visit In Europe

Europe is a mecca for culture, history, vibrant nightlife, tasty cuisine, atmosphere and awesome cities, towns and villages to explore. It’s a delicious hotchpotch of bohemia, decadence, and grandeur. There are landscapes to see, monuments, architecture, galleries, museums, and cafes to take in. Inspirational, mysterious, heavenly and thought-provoking, there is just so much to see and do in the continent that numerous empires have tried to conquer.

The thing is that there is just so much to see. As such, how do you decide where to go? If you’re travelling on a limited budget and time, you just won’t be able to see everything. Because we’re so nice, we’ve decided to help you out by creating a list of 10 fabulous places you need to visit in Europe. Let’s take a look!

Paris, France

Everyone loves Paris. Over the years, the city has attracted the world’s most prominent writers and artists, including Picasso, Oscar Wilde and Henry Miller. In 2016, The City of Love has lost none of its appeal and continues to be one of the planet’s mist beautiful cities.

Paris is incredibly intensely lived-in. Its compact nature helps to create its vibrant atmosphere, with the cluster of food markets, cafes, galleries and flats adding to its life and soul. And there there are world famous monuments and buildings, such as the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. You can’t go wrong!

London, England

London continues to be a major tourist attraction. It’s as British as you could ever want; from fish and chips to the Tower of London, England’s capital city is a true insight into one of the world’s most beloved cultures.

Rome, Italy

Rome is known as The Eternal City. It was from here where the first empire tried to conquer all of Europe, so it’s got a bit of might and bombast to it. Rich in history, it’s home to museums and galleries galore. There are quirky shops and restaurants too, as well as ancient buildings such as the Colosseum that will leave you in awe of its might.

It also has a pulsating, cosmopolitan atmosphere is all part of its charm. The biggest problem visitors face is actually deciding what to do! There is literally so much to explore, whether it be the churches, the archaeological sites, or the bars, paintings and football stadium.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is an old city. When people talk about historical cities of Europe, they talk about Rome, but rarely do they give a thought to the capital of Iceland.

Although the good people of Reykjavik had no designs on conquering Europe, they did establish the world’s first ever parliament in 930 AD, which helped to give more power to ordinary citizens. Because they were nice like that.

In 2015, Reykjavik likes to remind us of its history while also thinking ahead to the future. As such, it’s a breathtaking modern city that is atmospheric, cultured and contemporary. It’s also really cold, beautiful and environmentally-friendly.

And if you don’t like busy, noisy cities, it’s worth knowing that Reykjavik has only 120,000 inhabitants.

Riga, Latvia

About twenty years ago, if you told your friends and family that you wanted to take a vacation in Riga, Latvia, they would have thought you were mad.

“Why not go to Spain or America?” they would have suggested. “It’s nice and normal there.”

But the capital city of Latvia is now one of the most appealing cities in Europe. It has a rich heritage and history and boasts some stunning points of interest, including the Botanical Gardens. The city is prosperous and conscious of the role art places in society, and was selected as one of the nominees for European Capital of Culture in 2014.

The Iron Curtain of its Soviet past is fast becoming a distant memory.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgia is a fascinating country. Here is where cognac is brewed, while there still exists an entire village that was carved out of a mountain. Its capital city Tbilisi is also fascinating and charming in equal measure; it is home to strange but beautiful architecture, as well as unusual customs and traditions that have kept the city underneath many peoples’ radars for too long.

Although it’s questionable as to whether Tbilisi is even in Europe, it’s a special place that deserves a visit.

Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart is only Germany’s sixth-biggest city, but it’s definitely somewhere you should consider visiting. It’s populated by rolling, walkable hills, a strew of woodlands and lakes, as well as lush vineyards and parkland.

Stuttgart is also one of Europe’s most mineral-rich places, which means you’ll not be short of a health spa if you’re looking to treat yourself. And if you’re a culture vulture, you can take in the Old Palaces as well as the Museum of Art.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon was once one of the trade capitals of the world. Today, it’s still one of the most-visited cities in Europe, thanks to its selection of classy restaurants, art galleries and museums. It mixes style with refinement, culture with contemporary as well as any other city.

Perhaps one of the best things about Lisbon is the cuisine. Here you will find an array of fine fish markets that are famous all around the world, while the Mercado da Ribeira, which has been in existence since the 13th century, is also home to traders who sell the very best veg and meat on offer.

Bordeaux, France

You like wine, right? How about the theatre, culture, awesome public gardens and forests? Bordeaux has got you covered. It’s one of France’s most pristine cities that has elegance, charm and charisma.

And wine. Lots of wine.

Athens, Greece

Okay, so Athens has undoubtedly had its best days. Considered to be the birthplace of democracy, the olympic games and the cradle of modern western civilisation, Athens was once the home of great historical luminaries such as Plato, Socrates and Aristotle.

Now it’s home to Panathinaikos and Olympiakos.

Still, snatches of its awesome history are still there for you to see and just standing next to the School of Athens can send chills down your spine.

Athens also gets plenty of sunshine!

What are your favourite places to visit in Europe?

Stay happy!

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