10 Best Places To Go Skiing This Summer

If you’re a ski-lover living in a hemisphere where the snow stops as soon as we hit April, it can be easy to get a little blue when the winter ends. After all, where do you go skiing? Where do you get your rocks off when all your friends are hitting the beach and all you can ask is: “Where is the snow?”

Sad face.

You can either wait until winter comes around again – or you can start hunting for thrills and spills in another hemisphere, in which it snows all year round.

Imagine that? A place where it snows in the summer! That’s what we love to hear.

This means you can get your kicks in the summer time where the glaciers never melt, the snow doesn’t stop falling, and there isn’t a Hawaiian shirt and a pair of sandals in sight.

Instead, it’s as cold as you like it, whilst the snow is as white as anything you’ve ever seen in winter time. So get excited, get ready to pack your sunscreen, and get ready to hit some seriously cold regions with some super high mountain tops, as we take a look at the 10 best places to go skiing this summer.

1. Ski Portillo, Chile

You may or may not have previously considered going to Chile to ski, but if you’re looking to hit the slopes this summer, Ski Portillo should be on your list. Chileans love this resort because it only welcomes 450 guests at a time, which essentially means that lift lines pretty much don’t exist. Instead, you’re free to hit the slopes at any time and enjoy the killer views of Laguna del Inca. Even better, if you like killer steeps, Ski Portillo is the one for you.

2. Whistler, British Columbia

Whistler, British Columbia, is an awesome ski park but it just isn’t open all that often, which means you have to enjoy it whilst you can. During the summer, it’s open from noon until 3PM, and is only open to the public from mid-June until the end of July. It’s beautifully situated, though, and is home to some stunning views and slopes. It comes with two drag lifts, and a ticket for the day is $57.

3. Hintertux, Austria

This particular glacier is actually open all the year through, with summer skiing proving to be a popular pastime with skiing enthusiasts. There are 9 lifts running, which includes a cabin that can hold up to 24 people, that transports more than 3,000 skiers each hour, making it one of the most efficient ski parks in the world. All levels are welcome, from beginner to expert, whilst freestyle fans are invited to take a go on the half-pipes and table-tops. There is also a free bus service that transports visitors from nearby towns and cities.

4. Rock Creek Headwall, Beartooth Pass, MT

Rock Creel Headwall exists near Yellowstone, so if you decide to take a trip to that infamous national park this summer, why not take a detour to this awesome ski park located on Highway 212. With a lofty height of 11,947, the ski slopes here are for the true enthusiasts, and the steep and challenging terrain will beckon you straight out of the car.

5. Les 2 Alpes, France

Les 2 Alpes is one of the biggest summer ski parks, not just in France, but in the whole of Europe. Open from June to September, it has eight runs (four blue, two red and two green), which are accessed via drags and chairlifts. It comes with a snow skate zone, as well as a cool zone and a half-pipe, whilst there is also a smaller pipe for the beginners out there. The park also comes with six-day ski camps, whilst lifts open at 7.15AM.

6. Timberline Lodge, Oregon

Not many North American ski parks are open for very long throughout the summer, but Timberline Lodge is open longer than any other (May until September). The actual ski area during the summer is frequented most often by race camps, but there is a lane that is reserved for public usage. You can ski from 7am until 1.30PM, and daily tickets are available for as little as $58.

7. Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt is open for the summer from May until November, and is home to a sprawling mass of 16 miles worth of skiing area. Indeed, the area actually extends into Italy, which means you can start at the top of a slope in Switzerland, and end up in Italy at the bottom. Awesome! You can actually ski into another country. There are 13 runs in total, with some cool half-pipes and rails on offer for the pros.

8. Kaprun, Austria

The Kaprun ski area is open all year round, but is open to non-skiers from July until September. Daily passes cost just around €40, with intermediate skiers the most popular groups of people who frequent the park. In total, there are 12 jibs and 8 runs, and included is an Ice Arena, a place which comes with snow slides, a snow beach, igloos and a bar. Lovely!

9. Davos, Switzerland

If combining skiing with a quiet, idyllic holiday is your thing, you might want to consider taking a look at Davos in Switzerland, a slice of the Swiss Alps that is popular with walkers, fishers and rock climbers – as well as skiers, of course. The actual resort is reasonably priced, but if you fancy taking in a few local treats, such as champagne, you will be faced with some steep prices. Fun fact: apparently, Davos is popular with Bill Gates.

Sorry, that’s not actually all that fun, is it?

10. Collalbo, Italian Tyrol

Collalbo is well-located, and is surrounded by fields and woods. If this sort of thing is your thing, you’ll just love this place, with notable nearby attractions including coffee shops, bars – and unreliable buses. Still, the views here are stunning, whilst the Italian equivalent of Mount Matterhorn is just a short walk away. It’s also great for skiing, and is super affordable, with prices starting from just £25 a night per person.

How do you plan to spend this summer?

Stay happy!

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