10 Amazing Travel Hacks That Can Add Fun To Your Trip

Packing for a trip can be an awful experience that can put you in a bad mood before you’ve even boarded your flight. For way too long, I was a very un-smart packer. I’d stuff everything into my suitcases at the last minute and scream whenever something wouldn’t fit. I then huffed and puffed my way to the airport, flustered and annoyed. Boy, did I need a drink.

And then I remembered that I’d left my phone charger at home. D’oh!

Packing does this to you. It can take away the enjoyment of your trip. Whether you’re trying to save space for things you’re going to be buying and bringing back home, or whether you’re deciding which valuable item to leave out, organising your suitcases often seems like an impossible task.

So if you’re preparing for a holiday, why not prepare the right way by using the best travel hacks around? Let’s take a look at 10 amazing travel hacks that can add fun to your trip.

Hide Your Valuables In Chapstick Tubes 

You want your valuables to stay safe, but you also want to be able to easily find them whenever you arrive at your hotel and open up your suitcase.

If you’re packing small valuables, such as earrings, there’s very chance that your suitcase is going to swallow them whole and you won’t find them until you return home.

To stop this from happening, why not take an old Chapstick tube and slot your valuables inside? This is a perfect way to keep your valuables safe, and it also ensures that you will easily find them when you arrive at your hotel.

Unless you’ve forgotten that you’ve stored them away in your Chapstick, of course!!

Be Smart About Your Foundation

If you’re only heading out on a short trip, you can easily get away with storing your foundation in an old contact lens case.

You’ll only get a small amount, but it’s ideal if you’re only travelling for the weekend.

Make A Copy Of Your Passport Before Heading Out

It’s always a scary time when your passport goes missing abroad, but to ensure that your stress levels stay low it’s a good idea to scan your passport and ID card before traveling and emailing them to yourself.

You’ve now got an extra copy incase something goes wrong.

Your Glasses Case Has An Important Role To Play

The last time I went on holiday with my boyfriend, he packed an old glasses case. Curious, I asked him what he was doing.

“You don’t even wear glasses,” I said, wondering if he had an alter-ego.

“I sure don’t. But I use this glasses case as a neat storage space each time I go on vacation.”

It turns out that old glasses case can be used to store important bits and bobs, such as chargers or headphones. They’re a super convenient way of getting more storage space out of your suitcase.

Always Use The Bathroom 20 Minutes Before Landing

I once had to head to the bathroom immediately after landing, and I can tell you that I had to wait at least 20 minutes due to a packed restroom. It was a nightmare!

These days, I always use the bathroom 20 minutes prior to landing.

Do This With Your Bar Of Soap

Not everyone is going to pack a bar of soap. But if you’re like me, you’ll be eternally dissatisfied with the teeny-tiny bars of soap in hotel rooms.

And don’t get me started on the soap that you have to squeeze out of a tube …

I always pack a bar of soap when I go on holiday, but the problem is that soap – especially one that has already been opened – isn’t exactly easy to store, and its smell will rub off on your other items.

The best thing to do in this case is fold it up in a wash cloth.

How To Protect Your Digital Camera

Lots of people like to take their digital cameras with them on holiday, myself included. Indeed, in 2016 a digital camera is now an essential part of many peoples’ travel kit.

But storing it in your suitcase is not as simple as dumping it in there, because it can easily get damaged or even broken.

A great way of protecting it as you make your way through the airport to your hotel is by storing it in a plastic soap case. It should slot in with ease!

Pack Your Own Travel Beverage

Not a fan of airline drinks? Me neither.

For those of us who want to relax on an airline and don’t want any of the usual, we simply have to suck it up and wait until the flight is over.

Or you could get smart about things by making your very own travel beverage before you board the flight.

My favourite drink to make is a mix of lemon and honey, which I then top off with a tea bag. Just ask a flight attendant to provide you with hot water and you’re all sorted.

What To Do With Heavy Shoes

Ladies, we all know what it’s like travelling with heavy shoes. The struggle is real. Our partners simply don’t understand because they only have one pair of shoes!

If you’re taking at least two pairs of shoes on your trip, my advice to you is that you wear the heaviest pair on the plane.

You could also wear your heaviest coat if the weather is cold enough. This will save you both room and weight. Moreover, a heavy coat could also double as a pillow if you want to get some sleep on the plane.

Pack Your Underwear In A Carry-On

Luggage sometimes gets lost, and while we’d prefer none of our items to go missing for a few days, there are definitely some things we need more than others.

And underwear is one of them.

To save yourself from a dire situation where your underwear has gone missing, always pack a few pairs in your carry-on.

Stay happy!

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