10 Tips for Men on How to Make Your Valentine Feel like a Princess

Valentine’s Day can be a bit of minefield for men, because most guys simply don’t take it as seriously as girls do. So, rather than just give you guys a list of date ideas for Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d give you some practical advice this year instead. Getting Valentine’s Day right is all about making your girl feel really special and showing her how much you care. Your girlfriend will have put a lot of thought into how she can do the same for you, so don’t think you can get away with just a last minute cheap gift for her. If you want to make sure that Valentine’s Day is special this year, read these ten tips for men on how to make the love of your life feel like a princess for Valentine’s Day.

1. Don’t leave it too late to start planning

Whatever it is you are planning to do on Valentine’s Day, start making your plans early. Everything from babysitters through red roses to restaurant tables is likely to be in short supply on February 14th, so get your bookings in as soon as possible. It might take some of the spontaneity out of the evening, but it’s better than finding that you can’t get a table anywhere on the night.

2. Start in the morning

More often than not, Valentine’s Day falls on a working day, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make her feel special all day long. Start the day off the right way by preparing her breakfast for her. Even if you have to leave home before your girlfriend, you can still leave a card out for her along with her breakfast laid out and ready.

3. Make it last all day long

Once you have started off on the right foot with breakfast, keep the surprises coming all day long. You could have flowers or gifts delivered to where she works and you could surprise her by meeting her for lunch. If you make this Valentine’s Day one that she is overwhelmed with surprises, she will really feel like a princess all day long.

4. Make sure you spend the evening together

Whether you stay in and cook a lovely meal for her or you take out to a swanky restaurant, do it alone with your girlfriend. Valentine’s Day is supposed to about the two of you, so don’t ruin it by inviting your parents or your buddies on the date with you!

5. Don’t forget the little extras

If you are going out for the evening, don’t forget all the little touches that will make her feel extra special. Don’t drive to the venue and risk getting caught out in the rain, book a chauffeur driven limo and go in style. Even something as simple as having some flowers placed on the restaurant table will show how much thought you have put into the evening.

6. Switch off your phone

Your focus should be 100% on your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, so keep your phone switched off when you are with her. It’s supposed a personal moment between the two of you, not one that you have to share every moment of it with your friends. Definitely do not take any business calls or answer any work emails. That is something that can wait until tomorrow when you are on your Valentine’s date.

7. Make sure your gifts are romantic

As much as your girlfriend may need a new blow-dryer, Valentine’s Day is not the day to buy it for her. Valentine’s Day gifts should be romantic and special to her; they don’t need to be practical at all. Take your time choosing your gift and try to buy something that she wouldn’t have bought for herself.

8. DIY can be better than expensive

The thought that you have put into Valentine’s Day is far more important than how much it cost you. Of course, diamonds and champagne wouldn’t go amiss, but a meal at home that you made yourself would be appreciated just as much.

9. Beware the lingerie trap

A lot of men think that lingerie is an ideal romantic gift for Valentine’s Day, but be careful with this one. For one thing, your girlfriend might think that beautiful lingerie is more a gift for you than it is for her. You also have to be sure that that lingerie will be appropriate. If you haven’t been dating for very long, lingerie may be seen as being too suggestive or even a sign that you don’t respect her.

10. Remember that girls talk

What do you think that girls do the day after Valentine’s Day? They compare notes, of course! Bear that in mind when you are planning the day for your Valentine this year, if you want your girlfriend to be able to tell her friends that she was treated like a princess by her prince.

Stay happy!

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