Tips For Guys: How To Create A Date That She Will Never Forget?

Hi guys. Looking to create an unforgettable date for the special woman in your life? In this article, we give you some tips on how to do just that.

Dates are meant to be really fun and exciting. You’re taking a woman out, and it’s just the two of you, getting to know each other. Maybe there’ll be candles, romance and perhaps even a kiss.

But as fun and exciting as dates are meant to be and can be, they’re often also fraught with nerves and potential mistakes.

You only get a few chances to impress the girl you like.

Sometimes, you only get one chance – the first date. Mess things up and she’ll remember the date – but for all the wrong reasons!

If you’ve got a certain someone in your life right now who you want to take out and woo, let’s take a look at how to create a date that she’ll never forget – for all the right reasons.

Make It An Active Date

“Fancy going for a drink?”

It’s the classic line that many guys use when they want to take a woman out. Going out for a drink is fine if you want to keep things chilled and low-key. But if you want to take her out on a date that she’ll never forget, you’re going to have to be a lot more imaginative, because going out for a drink just won’t cut it.

Instead, try to think of more active dates that you can both get involved. A drink in a bar is passive – it’s just the two of you sat down, chilling and chatting. There isn’t much action or adventure – not unless you get up and sing on the karaoke, of course.

For a memorable date, take her somewhere more action-packed. For example, the two of you could go to the theme park and ride the roller coasters. Or maybe you could go-kart or even go rock climbing.

Think outside the box. Do something risky and exhilarating that gets both your adrenalines pumping.

She’ll certainly never forget the time you jumped out of a plane together … (and neither will you!)

If You Must Be Conventional, At Least Be Unique

Okay, maybe you really do want to just take her out for a drink or a meal. It’s a safe bet and you can’t really go wrong. And maybe it’s the date she’s secretly hoping for.

But if you decide play it safe like this, why not be unique in your approach and with the location?

Instead of asking to meet her in a bar, pay for a driver to pick her up.

And instead of choosing your favourite restaurant that she’s probably already been to a million times, why not go and dine in a five-star hotel, ideally somewhere she’s definitely never been before?

Be prepared to be a bit ostentatious with your choice of venue. Spend some money on somewhere upmarket, and treat her to an unforgettable dining or drinking experience that’s usually out of her price range!

Give her a reason to get all dressed up 🙂

Surprise Her

Has the element of surprise lots its charm? Nope!

Okay, the problem with surprising a woman with a date in 2017 is that everyone is just so busy today. If you tell her that you’re taking her out tonight, after previously telling her you were busy, she might turn around and reel out the 10 other plans she’s already made tonight, from the gym to Skype with her sister.

Still, surprising her is worth a shot.

Picture the scene: She’s a bit down because you told her that you can’t do anything this week. You’re real busy with stuff, including football. Unfortunately, she’s going to have to take a backseat. She’s not happy, but she’s prepared to put up with it.

But then you surprise her one evening with a romantic dinner for two at her favourite restaurant. You were’t busy at all. You were just pretending because you wanted to make her date even more memorable!


Be Spontaneous

There is a super romantic scene in the film Groundhog Day when Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell spend the day together getting to know each other. By nightfall, they’re having a snowball fight with some kids.

“Help me!” cries out Andie, playing the stricken maiden who needs saving by her man.

Curled up together in the snow under the moonlight, they share a moment.

Owing to the quirk of the film, wherein Bill Murray has to repeat the same day over and over again, he tries to recreate that moment in the snow the following day. But it doesn’t work. To Andie, it feels forced, and he comes across as a little creepy as he tries to protect her from snowball-wielding assailants. It just doesn’t work, and the magic isn’t there.

If you want to make this a date she’ll never forget, we suggest that you aim for as much spontaneity as possible. Make a few plans to start off with, but then cast your fate to the gods and let the night take you wherever it wants to.

It’s often the moments we don’t plan and can’t foresee that turn out to be the most romantic. Don’t try to control the date, and don’t make plans to be home by a certain time.

Make Her Feel Extra Special

Lastly, a great way of making this a date she’ll want to forget super quick would be to make her feel ignored. You know how it goes – you check your phone every minute, don’t pay much attention to what she says, and spend half your time yawning.

Instead, you need to make her feel extra special. Make her feel like she’s the only woman in the world. Make this date about her. Go to the places she’d love, talk about the things that interest her, compliment her, buy her things, spoil her. Make this the best date she’s ever been on.

Stay happy!

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