How to surprise your girlfriend? 10 Ideas of romantic surprises for your girlfriend

Guys. Really want to impress your girlfriend? Let’s take a look at 10 romantic surprises she’ll love.

If you’ve met the sweetest girl on the planet, you’ll want her to know how much she means to you. The best way to do this is with some romantic surprises that proves chivalry – or romance itself – isn’t dead. We know that men are romantics at heart. The problem you guys have is not being incapable of love. We know that your intentions are great. The problem is more to do with your execution. Sometimes, your gestures of love go awry because what you did wasn’t exactly something she really wanted! And just so we’re clear, inviting her to be your “second in command” on one of your zombie video games is exactly what we’re talking about. To make sure you don’t get it wrong again, let’s take a look at 10 romantic surprises your girlfriend will love.

Leave Her A Love Note In The Morning

You had to get up early for work again. She hates it when you have to get up early as she never gets to see you until the evening. A whole day without you! She listlessly makes her way downstairs, upset that you didn’t even wake her up to kiss her goodbye. You were too busy getting ready. You had no time for her. Hm! Then, she sees your note on the kitchen table. She reads how much you love her, that you miss her, and that her breakfast is made. Aww! Can we date you, please?

Add A Note To Her Calendar

Once you’ve done the love notes on the kitchen table, don’t stop there. Surprise her by adding an event to her calendar. Don’t tell her you’re both dining out at her favourite restaurant next week – just pencil it into her calendar! She will literally melt when she see’s it.

Make Her Breakfast In Bed

Make her her favourite breakfast in bed all topped off with a cup of coffee and she’ll love you forever. Breakfast in bed is the ultimate act of love. Every girl loves to wake up to a lovingly-prepared breakfast by her partner. Get the ingredients in the day before, but make sure she doesn’t see them. Then, wake up early, creep out of bed as quietly as possible, and get to work downstairs. Include all her favourites. Add fresh orange juice and a piece of avocado toast. And to really impress her, leave a handwritten love note on the tray for her to read.

Flowers To Her Office

It sucks when you both have to go to work and spend a whole day apart from each other. She’s in one office and you’re in the other. You can text but it’s not the same. Just as much as you’re missing her, imagine how much she’s missing you? Girls think about guys a lot during the day. We might not always tell you this, but it’s true. So just picture how your girlfriend will feel if you send some flowers to her office! Make sure you attach a love note to the flowers that lets her know how much you love her, and that you can’t wait to see her tonight.

Surprise Her With A Romantic Getaway

Booking a romantic getaway at a hotel is a fabulous surprise that your girlfriend will love. Just picture it: It’s Friday evening and she’s just returned home from work after another mind numbingly boring week. She’s not even looking forward to the weekend all that much, because she’s only going to do the same thing she did last weekend. And besides, you’ve already told her that you’re seeing the boys. Huh! And then, just when she’s about to complain about something else, you show her the suitcases. You’ve booked the hotel, you’re doing the driving, and the champagne on ice is waiting!

Cook For Her

You’ve already surprised her with breakfast, but now it’s time to surprise her even more. For this one, make sure she doesn’t snack much during the day. Send her a text, telling that you prepared something nice for her to eat. This kinda gives the surprise away a tad, but it’s necessary – you don’t want her showing up on a full stomach! Prepare her favourite meal. Buy a bottle of wine. Light some candles. Treat your woman. Show her that you’re the master chef who is aways at her service.

Download Some Tunes For Her iPod

She loves music and her iPod needs updating. But either she’s too lazy to do it herself, or it just hasn’t crossed her mind. So why not update it for her? Download her some sweet new tunes that you’ll know she’ll love, and throw in the odd curveball, too. You never know, she might just discover her new favourite band. In which case, she’ll love you forever for introducing her to them.

Take Her Shopping

All girls love to go shopping. But we know how much you hate it. So why not totally surprise her one day by actually taking her out shopping? It will be totally out of the blue, she’ll love the surprise and spontaneity.

Tell Her You’re Doing The Chores Today

She’s tired, stressed and SO not in the mood to vacuum. So what do you do? Well, it would be a great surprise if you stepped in and said you’re taking care of all her chores today. She can kick back with some sweets and movies instead.

Get To The Restaurant Early…

You guys had planned to arrive at the same time. But since when are girls ever on time? Get to the table five minutes early and order two glasses of wine. When she arrives, she’ll be greeted by you and a drink! This is a romantic surprise that we wish all guys would do. Who doesn’t love to arrive at their table to find a drink already waiting for them?

Stay happy!

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