How to make your girlfriend happy? 8 Glorious tips for guys

Girls are difficult to please, we know that, and just when you think you’ve done everything right, bang! She hits you with the one thing you’d forgotten about. We could make a list of hundreds of ways to keep your girl happy, but most of those are just so common sense, so here are eight points that you may not yet thought about:

1. Don’t try to change her

First tip on how to make your girlfriend happy is – understand that girls don’t think like you, and learning to love that will put you in good stead. They like going all day shopping and buying nothing, they like talking for three hours on the phone to a friend and saying nothing of any importance and they like pink, cute and cuddly things too. Don’t try and change her, because you will never succeed, instead, accept these strange and bemusing behaviors, as a part of the person that you love.

2. Never lie to her and always treat her with respect. Always.

You know that the big lies are wrong, but what about the little white ones? Even these lies, that you might think are harmless, are a big deal to a girl. Show her respect by always being straight and being honest at all times, because girls have an uncanny knack of finding out when you’re lying. And yes, always be a gentleman with your girl: open doors for her, give her your helping hand, so that she will feel like a princess next to you.

3. Pay real good attention to what she says

Notice everything that she does and everything that she says and make a mental note, she will be asking questions later, and if you get one wrong, then you’re in trouble. That her best friends’ friend has dumped her boyfriend to run away with her boyfriend’s friends’ best friend may have no significance to you but, when your girlfriend starts talking about it to you tomorrow, you’d better have been listening. 😉

4. Show her your love and affection 365 days a year

A greetings card for Valentine’s Day is not job done for the year, so our next tip on how to make your girlfriend happy is – treat her right and show her that you love her all year round. It’s not difficult: a gift here, a reaffirming ‘I love you’ there or a gentle kiss now and then, just to make sure that she feels loved and wanted, will help to keep her happy 365 days.

5. Treat her like the most important and the most beautiful woman in the world

Don’t take her love for granted. Don’t be selfish by accepting her love and affection and giving none back. The little things that she does for you mean a lot, don’t they? Well, you don’t want her to feel like she’s taken for granted, so make her feel like the most important and the most beautiful woman in the world and give her a little back too, by taking up your share of the chores and giving her a day off or treating her to some flowers, surprise gifts and nights out.

6. Get along with her family

Another tip on how to make your girlfriend happy is – get along with her family. It can be difficult and for some guys, as they will never be good enough for their father-in-laws’ little girl, but getting along with the in-laws is vital to keeping your girlfriend happy. She really wants her parent’s approval, so do your best and she will appreciate it.

7. The bathroom is her domain! Now you know…

Give up now, because you are never going to get a manly bathroom. Take any other part of the house, that can be shared, and you will be allowed a few of your things to make it your own, but the bathroom is hers; so let her decorate it how she wants, choose the towels and just be grateful for the tiny little space in the corner of the bathroom cabinet for your stuff that she’s allowed you.

8. Be understanding and supportive

Above all, give her support when she needs it. Sometimes you may not even understand why your girlfriend is so upset about something that you see, as being trivial and unimportant, but, if it’s important to her, then it should be important to you. There will be times when you need a shoulder to cry on, so be there when she needs one.

How to make your girlfriend happy? Do you have some other tips in mind? Please, feel free to share them in the comment section below.


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