How To Impress A Girl? 10 Charming Gentleman Gestures That Will Impress Any Girl

It’s true; there is a simple and effective way to impress any girl. In fact, there are ten easy ways to wow any girl. And the great thing is that any guy can learn these effective and charming gestures.

Often, it really is just a simple gesture that catches a girls attention. Rather than a yacht, a Lamborghini or a massive salary, it’s the little things you do that can make a girl go weak at the knees. So, guys, let’s take a look at these 10 charming gentleman gestures that will impress any girl.

1. Listen To Her And Hear Her

There are two ways of letting a girl know you’re listening to her: you can ask questions, once she’s finished talking, that relate back to what she’s just been talking about. Or, you can maintain eye contact with her.

Eye contact is very important for any girl because it shows you that you’re interested in what she has to say. For those few moments, it shows that she is all you’re concerned about. If your eyes are flicking from her to your phone and onto that cute waitress that’s just walked past, she isn’t going to be impressed.

And yes, we, girls, always know when you’re distracted by a hot waitress. Even though you try to claim: “I thought I saw someone I knew.”

2. Groom Yourself And Try To Be A Little Bit More Presentable Than A Cave Man

Got bad breath? You’re banned from most women.

Stinky armpits? Yeah, you’re banned too.

Although the effortless, casual, shabby and unkempt look is very in, it’s still done in a calculated way by guys who know how to be charming. See, when you groom you’ve got to cover all the fundamentals. This means you need to clean your teeth, wash your hair, clean your beard and shower daily. We appreciate that you like a beard, but we also appreciate some effort, so that you’re basically a little bit more presentable than a Cave Man.

3. Compliment Her

Girls love comments. We thrive on them. If you’re the kind of guy who is really mean with his compliments and hands them out once a year, we’re not going to like you. You’re basically going to be single for a very long time.

The good news is that handing out compliments is really easy! Though you’ve gotta be careful. Like, we don’t like weird compliments such as, “You look like my mom. Oh, don’t worry. My mom was stunning.”

Um. Okay?

4. Ignore Your Phone

When you’re out with your girl, no one else should matter. Work shouldn’t matter, and your best soccer/beer buddy definitely shouldn’t matter. So, we suggest that you either switch your phone off or just ignore it. There is nothing worse than going out with a guy who is Mr Popular and has to reply to texts every five minutes. Boring and unimpressive. Got it? Good.

5. Make Her Feel At Ease

Ever taken a girl out on a first date and made her feel uncomfortable by giving her the awkward silent treatment? How about the time you took a girl out and then stunned her by talking about your interest in serial killers?

That’s impressing no one. Instead, we, girls, need you to be sweet and kind around us. We want to feel comfortable and at ease around guys. This means we appreciate basic acts of chivalry and kindness. Don’t just stand there, do something nice!

6. Don’t Monopolise The Conversation

“So I did this today and then I did that and then I sold this and then I made X amount of money and then HAHAH my buddy came over we got drunk and HAHAH we took selfies on the roof and then I had this huge hangover and then and then and then.”

Girls don’t appreciate it when guys dominate the conversation. They want you to involve them, and you can do this by asking questions. Invite them in, find out about her life. Talk to her, not at her.

7. Ask For Her Opinion And Show Your Sincere Interest

The worst kind of guy is the guy who knows everything. The guy who never asks questions because he knows everything there is to know. He’s basically Hercules, Einstein and Homer Simpson all wrapped into one.

The charming guy, however, is the one who asks girls questions. He wants their advice and opinions on things because he respects they advice and opinions. We like this kind of guy. He is ace.

8. Don’t Swear

Okay, of course you can swear once or twice. But don’t litter your conversation with expletive-laden tirades. Because that won’t impress her – it’ll just scare her. Terrify her. You wanna do that? You do that, but you won’t be getting anywhere with your date.

A simple gesture is to be sensitive around her. Keep your voice down, keep cuss words at a premium, and engage her in conversation that is totally uncontroversial. She doesn’t want to hear your religious and political rants; she wants you to be a gentleman.

9. Respect Her

Women are your equals, okay? They are not your inferiors. So please treat us equally.

See, the problem a lot of guys have is that they have this weird chip on their shoulder that women are getting too powerful. They refuse to recognise women’s contributions to this world. They’re anti-feminist, and stuck in the past with their sexist jokes and crude ignorance. If you want to impress a girl, you’re going to have to show her some respect.

10. Open Up

This is a very simple gesture but one which most guys shy away from, probably because it’s just too darn hard for a guy to open up and be honest about themselves.

Sure, baring your soul can be tough, but by doing so you’re showing us that you trust us. We love that. What we don’t love is when guys close up and keep everything to themselves. Not cool.

How to impress a girl? Do you have other tips?

Stay happy!

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