How to get a girlfriend? 8 Good tips for guys 

What most guys really want, though they may not admit it, is a girl that they can cuddle up with, can trust and who will love them for who they really are or, in other words, a girl that they can love and who will love them back. If you are finding it difficult to find the right girl or perhaps you can get the girls, but you can’t get the girlfriend, then read our eight tips that will help improve your chances:

1. How to get a girlfriend? Get over the past

The first thing that might be stopping you from moving forward is what’s behind you. Let go of the past and forget it, whether that is past failures or ex-girlfriends. This is a new beginning, so put everything that is in the past behind you, all girls are not the same, you know.

2. Put a bit of effort into your appearance

Another tip on how to get a girlfriend is – put a bit of effort into your looks. First impressions count, so the next step is to give you a ‘makeover’. Get a haircut, revisit your wardrobe and remember to shave in the mornings! Girls love a well groomed man and it will give your own confidence a boost too.

3. Rediscover your masculine side

Guys receive confused messages these days about what girls want in a man. Yes, they want a sweet and sensitive guy, but most of them want to feel protected too, girls want a strong and reliable man to be near. This is not to say that you need to run off today and sign up for a martial arts course, but remembering a few points of the art of chivalry won’t go amiss and just be a gentleman.

4. Use your intelligence wisely

In the main, girls don’t like geeks, so, if you can see hints of Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory, in yourself, then it might be time for a few changes! Keep up with current affairs and even a bit of fashion trends and celebrity gossip, and you will have more in common with girls that you can talk about.

5. Don’t forget your sense of humor

Another important tip on how to get a girlfriend is – use your sense of humor. If you ask pretty much any girl what the qualities are in a man who can make boyfriend material, she will say the ability to make her laugh. You don’t want to become the constant joker, that’s just annoying, but being able to see the lighter side of life and being able to laugh with her will make her even more attracted to you.

6. Let her see the signs

Girls are really good at reading body language, so make sure that yours is clear and easily understood. Don’t overdo things, or you will look weird, but, if you are interested in a girl, then look her in the eye when you talk to her, lean forward a little to hear her better and pay close attention to what she says.

7. Learn to flirt

When you start to feel a connection with a girl, you can move things up a level and try a little gentle flirting; it’s not as hard, as you might think. You can start by just commenting on things that you might notice about her: new shoes, new hairdo, that kind of thing…or send flowers with a little note to her door…girls adore flowers and spontaneous surprises, she will love it! It’s an opportunity for you to show your interest in the lady and for you to gauge her reactions to your efforts.

8. Be patient

Our final tip on how to get a girlfriend is – just be patient. Patience is a virtue and that’s certainly true, when it comes to women! Girls don’t like to be rushed, that’s why they spend so long in the bathroom, so give her a chance and take it steady, or you might begin to appear to be desperate. It’s better to linger in the ‘friend’s zone’ for a while, than to scare her away by your fast moves.

How to get a girlfriend? Do you have some other tips to share? Please feel free to do so in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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