How to get a girl interested in you? 10 tips for guys

In 2005, a Princetown University psychologist had a number of people take just a very brief look at videos of some political candidates and then, asked them to predict who would win the election. From just a few seconds of videotape, people were able to predict the outcome of the election with 70% accuracy. What has that got to do with how to attract a girl? Well, it shows you that first impressions really do count, so if you want to get a girl interested, you’d better read these ten tips and get them right from the very first second that you meet her!

1. Be confident

Our first tip on how to get a girl interested in you is to be confident. Girls aren’t too keen on the quiet, shy type, so you’d better start practicing your confidence boosting techniques. Don’t let a conversation stall and avoid looking embarrassed, girls want a man who can be a protector and a leader.

2. Be a gentleman

A girl wants to be treated like a lady, so show your chivalrous nature from the very first moment that you meet her. Open the door for her, pull at her chair, when she goes to sit down, and always keep the blue language for your buddies, because she won’t appreciate it.

3. Look after your appearance

Another good tip on how to get a girl interested in you is to look after your appearance. Have a shave and get your hair cut; that would be a good start! Girls notice personal hygiene and good grooming, so make an effort to look your best, even on days that you are dressing casual.

4. Make her laugh

Girls always put ‘making me laugh’ on their top ten lists of things that make a man attractive, so be sure to show her that you have a sense of humor. Don’t try and be the stand-up comedian though, that just gets tedious.

5. Be complimentary

Compliment her looks, and you’ll be well on the way to winning her heart. It has to be sincere though, not cheesy and don’t make it sound like words that you have handed to a hundred other girls before.

6. Pay attention

Once you’ve got her talking, for goodness sake, listen to what she is saying! No girl is going to like you, if you are eyes are not kept on her and you are not paying attention. Don’t blow it now by half listening to her and talking to your friends at the same time.

7. Tease and flirt

Next tip on how to get a girl interested in you is – keep the conversation fun and just ever so slightly flirtatious, that will get her attention. Girls like a bit of tease and flirting, but don’t be too obvious, or you’ll just sound creepy.

8. Steer clear of controversy

She might be a very open minded girl who loves a debate, but she won’t be looking for that the very first time that she meets you. Stay well away from the topics of religion or politics, that would be too heavy for an opening conversation.

9. Make her feel safe

If you want a girl to like you, then she’s going to have to feel safe with you. Make it clear from the start that you are trustworthy and reliable, and that you can look after her. Remember that these are the first impressions that she is going to have about you, so don’t say or do anything that would make her feel uncomfortable.

10. Offer to pay

Always offer to buy her a drink, get the bill and pay for a cab. These days, she most likely to want to pay her own way, but don’t expect that and certainly don’t ask for it. A girl wants to be treated properly and you can give completely the wrong impression by being tight with your money.

How to attract a girl? How to get a girl interested in you? Do you have some other tips to share?

Stay happy!

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