How to apologize to your girlfriend? 10 Creative tips for guys

No matter how much you love a person, it’s still possible to mess up and hurt them and when that happens, it can be as painful for you, as it is for them. When it does happen, and you know you are at fault, there is only one way to patch things up and that is to make a heartfelt apology. Just saying sorry, though, doesn’t always cut it. Sometimes, you need to go that extra mile to make the apology really count. If you’ve messed up and hurt your girlfriend, here are ten creative ways that you can say sorry and make amends.

1. Write a letter

If there is still anger in the air and she is not yet ready to talk about it, writing a letter can be a good way to get your apology across.  When you write a letter, you have more time to think about what you need to say and she’ll have time to read it when she’s on her own. Start your letter with an apology and then go on to tell her how you are going to make up for your mistake.

2. Send her flowers

Flowers might not be the most original idea in the world, but the worst thing you could do, is do nothing at all. Fights don’t always happen at a convenient time so, if you don’t have any time to do anything else, at least send her a bunch of flowers as an apology. It only takes a minute or two to order flowers online and, even if it doesn’t resolve the issue, it will be a step in the right direction.

3. Leave a note somewhere she will find it

Your apology could be more effective if it is unexpected. If your schedules mean that you won’t see your girlfriend for some time, you could leave a sorry note on the bathroom mirror, in her car, or in her handbag. At least that way she will start off her day knowing that you are sorry for what you did to hurt her and shell have time to calm down too.

4. Say sorry on Facebook

It depends on what you did and whether your girlfriend would appreciate a public apology or not, but if you think it would work, you could make your apology public on social media. You don’t need to go into any details, but you could post a picture of yourself holding a sign that says I’m sorry. Just remember that social media is open to everyone to see, so don’t give anything embarrassing away.

5. Make a compilation CD of her favourite tracks

She will appreciate it more, if you go out of your way to say sorry and one way you could do that is to make up a CD of her favourite tracks. You could include songs that you have shared during your relationship and some songs that express how you feel. Make it extra personal and record a personal message on your CD too.  If she drives to work, leave the CD ready to play in her car so it starts as soon she sets off.

6. Surprise her with a gift

If you know that your girlfriend has had her eye on a new dress, or a particular piece of jewellery, then now would be the time to shake the cobwebs out of your wallet! Buy her something that she will really appreciate though, not just a cheap box of chocolates that you grabbed on your way home.

7. Get her a singing telegram

If you can’t find the words yourself, then get someone else to make your apology for you with a singing telegram. Just remember that others will be other people around when she receives your apology, so you will need to be sure that your fun message doesn’t embarrass her and completely backfire on you.

8. Book a surprise romantic date

Book a romantic dinner for two in a quiet restaurant. She might not be that keen on being romantic straight away, but at least you will have time to talk things through. Make it a really special evening, just for her, by choosing a restaurant that you know she will like and, perhaps, arranging for flowers and candles to be on the table.

9. Cook her favourite meal

If you can show that you have really made an effort to make amends, then that will make your apology appear more sincere. Take a few hours off work so you get home early and prepare a lovely meal for her. Make it really special and romantic by laying a nice table and having everything all ready for when gets home. These gestures don’t turn back the clock on what you did, but they do help to heal the wounds.

10. Make three lists

If you are not good with words or romantic gestures, then just make up three simple lists for your girlfriend. The first list is a list of the things that you do, that you know annoy her. The second list is a list what you will do to make it up to her, and the third list is a list of the reasons you love her. The best way to solve a problem in a relationship is to talk about it and these lists will get that conversation started.

Stay happy!

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