8 Things you’ll never change about a girl (Funny facts about girls)

There are just some things about girls that you will never be able to change, so give up now! There’s always something about your other half that irritates you, but haven’t you heard, you’re supposed to love someone for who they are, not what you think that you can make them. The best way to get someone to change is by making them want to change, that way they do it for themselves, but here are eight things that a girl will never change:

1. Being on time

The ladies love being on time, to everything! Even if you get somewhere so early that you have to sit outside in the car for a while, that will make them happier, than being late. Just go with the flow, you’re not going to change it.

2. Getting ready to go out

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to a swanky restaurant for a top class dinner or going to visit your mother, she will still need time to get ready. Just get used to it and be patient, you’ll still be on time, she will make sure of that!

3. Schedule everything and make a list

Girls love lists: shopping lists, lists of people’s birthdays, recipes, even lists of lists! They like to have a plan and know what they are doing and they will never have that ‘devil may care’ attitude that guys often have.

4. She can’t leave the dishes

Guys like to chill after a meal, what’s the rush?!…the dishes can be dealt with tomorrow. The ladies are different, they just won’t be able to sit still, until those dishes are done and the kitchen is spotlessly clean.

5. Women know best, always!

Women like to feel in control and they always know best, so just accept it. They’re not bossy, they just say what they think and they expect you to agree!

6. Ladies love their shoes

Men can make do with a just a few pairs, they’re just shoes right? But, to the ladies, it’s a hobby, they just love adding to their collection, and even if they’re not buying they also love just looking. Shoes are a fashion statement, not just a practical piece of footwear!

7. Women don’t change their minds

If your girl has made up her mind, do not try to change it, you will fail. A decision has been made and it is final. End of story.

8. Girls love compliments

You’re not going to change this, a lady wants you to notice, when she’s changed her hair or got a new dress, and woe betide the man who misses it! Be alert guys and don’t miss a thing, even the smallest change is important!

What are other things that just can’t be changed about a girl? Share your thoughts and other funny facts about girls in the comment section.

Stay happy!


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